Snow Storm 2014: Midwest and Northeast Hit With Deep Freeze

New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. all saw significant snowfall.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for Snow Storm 2014: Midwest and Northeast Hit With Deep Freeze
New York city schools will be open today but in the suburbs and doesn't have announced closures. Or delayed opening this fight is not just to sell the bitter cold is a concern for millions as well -- -- tomorrow Bradley continues our coverage good morning tomorrow. -- and John good morning the polar freezes back bringing parts of the country to a standstill and meteorologists say this is just the beginning. Across the midwest and northeast an army of snowplows. -- -- -- Digging out from another winter blast over eighty million people buried in snow. In some places it's over a foot high clearing all that snow is back -- -- -- audited all day. -- -- An idea it was coming but I didn't really think that it was going to be this much and just looking out the windows is a complete white out. And -- wipe out much. -- Frightening spin outs in Indianapolis the storm folded a FedEx truck in three and close stretches of by 65 for hours. The Great Lakes more frozen this winner than they've been in decades this endless pool of ice is -- Michigan captured by -- drone camera. Airports -- frustrated travelers almost 3000 flights canceled -- more than 2000 delay. The storm is barreling over the northeast and behind it incredibly cold and intense winds that will last into the weekend. But the severe conditions in New York's Central Park didn't stop these people from having a little fire. Actually handsome principally from. -- -- And when those friends showed up it was game on. New York City remain under a winter storm watch overnight the concern dangerous roads and walking conditions John Emerson. IRA thanks -- -- and now let's get some forecasts specifics about all oh yeah for those two -- -- all the. The details about this cold crazy weather have been alive right now -- AccuWeather meteorologist Jim -- To get some stats I -- and Jim. Doing good it's cold out here certainly in. The good news is we're seeing improvement in many locations -- -- on the I 95 quarter all day Tuesday eight. There's a heavy band of snow that set up from DC northeastern New York City -- boss -- dryers been drawn as are seeing an area of low pressure. They really strengthen off the coast of Virginia Beach you're moving off to the north and east but still some heavy snow. All the same near blizzard conditions in many locations that includes southern New Jersey Long Island up and -- Cape -- this is where we can still see some additional accumulations but again. -- -- the radar here really drying out just some snow showers left behind now New York City Philadelphia is completely dried out -- much of the Philly area picked up. A foot of snowfall now -- get. This departs but really -- that Arctic air out of the north and west as this was such a light fluffy snow blowing and drifting snow -- he's been issued through the -- -- well on the news. We have to values there's windchill values just brutal -- -- talking about sub zero refills all the way south. Towards Atlanta as this cold air mass moves its way in and unfortunately. This is going to have some big time staying power -- stay cold through -- likelihood the end of the month. Parents -- -- in the worst of this jam. As far as the cold is concerned right now this particular cold shot. And it at least today that he's into New England where that the quarter quotas really set up but really all the way back on into the midwest -- brutally connect. Tim -- thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. all saw significant snowfall. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21619260","title":"Snow Storm 2014: Midwest and Northeast Hit With Deep Freeze","url":"/WNN/video/snow-storm-2014-midwest-northeast-hit-deep-freeze-21619260"}