South Koreans hope for peace

While there is no word yet what North Koreans think of the summit between Kim Jong Un and President Trump, ABC News' Bob Woodruff shows citizens in South Korea hope for peace.
4:54 | 06/12/18

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We're back with a live images once again Singapore. Where we. We're told that content on has now left the nearby city Tulsa island where that summit. Have been held hours earlier and as a news breaks across the world it will be interesting to see how little they interpreted. In the secretive north where information is more tightly controlled than anywhere else in the world. But many north Koreans in the capital city of Pyongyang are awaiting word from state media there while in the south. They held a vigil for peace this past weekend and there are hopes that. This is the first major step toward reunification a dream for many Koreans on both sides about 38 parallel. Seles or someone who's actually have some incredible access to North Korea over the years ABC's Bob Woodruff is live for us. In Seoul Bob good morning to you and thanks for joining us what's your reaction so far from the South Koreans. Well the South Koreans are they're pretty hopeful that they're seeing some of these results that is what I'm right down council right now I just wanna Sharia. What's gone on now and in this capital because people are now starting to come out of work a little bit that's been pretty dull most of the day. Another hit the street this right back as the blue house this is their equivalent of the White House. This is where all the politics happens this is where all the all the big meetings are happening but this is downtown I want to show you a couple of things were right in front of the US embassy. You can see the the American flag right there so that's. Guarded. Outside by multiple guards. Police officers are outside. If you look over here this is for the first some I've seen this is somebody saying. Against the peace talks without north koreans' human rights all people want this to be talked about. At this summit a lot of people say listen Kim Jong-un is not this peaceful man this is one who committed a lot of crimes he's accused. Of killing his his half brother and his awful. So they want to talk about that topic as well so exactly what the reaction to the summit is still pretty unclear but people are starting to talk to me. And they said that they're happy that something something positive could come out of it but they just want to make sure this is done properly. They trust generally got president dropped but they don't from really trust Kim Jung and at all part of it's that history. North Korea. We don't really know what the people's real thoughts are you know inside their soul it's hard to know every job we visit North Korea. We're surrounded by reminders that journalists can't talk to the people without real freedom. They also listen to what the what the citizens that country are saying when they're interviewed by us so. We don't really know what they're thinking but certainly it's shocking that they've heard all this keep these details of their leader. This trip. To Singapore to watch him it's a deal which would videos of him pictures of him. In a place like that's never been done before so we're gonna wait and see exactly what happens here in salt but is starting on all the little. And I know it's hard to get a read on the North Korean people as you say because it's it's such a guarded. A country but I just I wonder north -- has had a lot of defectors lately and not just people defecting but specifically elites defecting so what's at stake for Kim Jong-un. To try to please the North Korean people and what are they hoping for. But the north Koreans I think you're seeing since I start for some I want there was 2005 so. You know when I first saw that a mistake hill taking a blue house again it's a better and better shot look here. Our downtown Seoul for the first summer won't back down 2005 and North Korea. You know the people really knew nothing it about the outside world even a lot of those in and killing young in the capital North Korea. But now there's a lot more connection to the outside world they can get some access to their cell phones along the border with China. A lot of people from North Korea are going and study overseas a lot of it in China. A lot of these diplomats then return after seeing the outside world. So those field leak inside Elian really know what this world is that got a lot of pressure on him jump to do things different than his father did his father could protect this country. From those on the outside he could convince the people from the inside. The day that the leaders the regime that are like gods and that they should never be denied anything. That is being more and more difficult. Kim Jong-un has always seen that John is not going to be keep putting up with all of this kind of activity within North Korea they know they're getting pressure from them as well as the United States. So there's motivation within Kim Jung and to do something. Different than it was done before maybe this means the new polarizing or maybe something else but he needs more money in that in the country needs some these sanctions lifted. And he needs dig number one as a guarantee. From president trump that he will not be assassinated or his regime. Defeated if he gets rid of his nuclear nuclear bombs so we'll see what happens after that. President Kennedy promising protection to Kim Jung un and I'm sure the people there with you in South Korea hoping they will be protected too and hoping for peace. Also come out of this deal ABC's Bob Woodruff there live in Seoul for a spot thank you.

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{"id":55831405,"title":"South Koreans hope for peace","duration":"4:54","description":"While there is no word yet what North Koreans think of the summit between Kim Jong Un and President Trump, ABC News' Bob Woodruff shows citizens in South Korea hope for peace. ","url":"/WNN/video/south-koreans-hope-peace-55831405","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}