Speed Kills 'Fast & Furious' Star

It's been determined that driving 94 in a 45-mph zone killed Paul Walker.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Speed Kills 'Fast & Furious' Star
Our -- -- not -- start -- a serious note this morning investigators have concluded that speed. Killed fast and furious star Paul Walker. The LA county sheriff's office says his friend Roger wrote us. Was driving 94 miles an hour and -- 45 mile an hour zone when the porch when out of control and slammed into a light pole. There was no sign of mechanical failure walker was in the middle of filming fast and furious seven when he died in November. Producers are using body doubles and technology to finish the movie which we'll have his character retire. It's set to release in April -- 2015. -- we move -- to an unfortunate note about one of Paltrow and Chris Morton the Oscar winner and the Coldplay frontman. Call it quits after a decade Americana announced their separation in a posting on her lifestyle web site. It says it worked for more than a year to see what might be possible for them and they have concluded. They should separate and they are calling -- eight. Conscious fun couple on can't blame isn't anywhere or send her a breaking up and veterinarian explained that they -- -- -- we did -- -- uncomfortable. While the announcement comes a month after helped -- denied rumors of an affair. And they have two children together. Rap artist once known as Puff Daddy wants to be known as. Puff -- he no longer wants to be known as. Has always in his next. We'll keep happening -- -- 2001 he told MTV that he was changing his name from Puff Daddy. And he acted on Broadway under his real name Sean Combs. This is really confusing it's generating a lot of topics. Might just be the idea behind it all he is releasing a new album. And singles the next day -- It's just like seriously I don't. I don't know if he slipped on these new line is -- -- symbol ZNX you know I'm formally known as currently -- the how -- how much Sean -- it's nice name can't just put back. And. What that power as -- -- talk about Captain America ready to hang up as shields. And stepped behind the -- actor Chris Evans says he wants to quit acting and focus on directing. But he'll have to wait until he's six -- contract with marvel is up. The 32 year old star has already -- they get to be released a lot of story but he says he needs. More time away from acting to do more direct -- expects to be done with Captain America in three years he says down the line may change his mind and returned to active and I got a hunch it. The money -- the -- he had -- back and. For forty years kiss has been one known as one of the best bands in rock and roll but they have never made the cover of the Rolling -- -- surprising but that is about to change but. Not without some under first a look at the cover this in the original band from 1975. When the band was made up of Paul Stanley Gene Simmons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- comes a month before the band's upcoming introduction into the rock and roll hall they are an out of the drama Simmons and Stanley in -- in their old band mates to play it induction ceremony. But only -- the -- band members. -- -- Chris and -- said not -- and James and his response. Greatly Christie said no longer deserved to Wear the heat he -- -- as just somebody who listens you know them on the greatest. It should be the original -- plaza. I couldn't even when I think things are obviously don't know enough to have in a pinch hit he's really doesn't back in New York groom someone that -- The end. You're not into any -- era.

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{"id":23061596,"title":"Speed Kills 'Fast & Furious' Star","duration":"3:00","description":"It's been determined that driving 94 in a 45-mph zone killed Paul Walker.","url":"/WNN/video/speed-kills-fast-furious-star-23061596","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}