Spring Break: Travel Tips

Some tips to make your spring break getaway easier.
5:12 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Spring Break: Travel Tips
Welcome back everybody of course spring break time is almost here -- -- you will be hitting the road this year but before you put the pedal on the metal. Our take expert Andrea Smith has the most ever travel gadgets that will make your spring travel easier and more fun and -- -- keep you charged a bit he thanks him for. We -- we appreciate -- that is the problem of this high tech society we live in keeping lawyers up. Joost. Up and it's -- you've got -- -- -- -- devices and ruled shut down without a BB lawsuit that again George W are suing you pack your bags. Pack a power back this is very cool I really have come to love us now this is a great bag and holds your laptop your tablet -- your stock. But the secret sauce inside this bag here is that it has. -- battery. And his -- battery also has three connectors -- micro mini. USB and apple everything you need so everything you need -- you basically turn on the -- by pressing little button in the front. And you can. Then plug in the iPhone anyway I've found and you are charging so is there walking into the airport charging iPhone bigger clothes and mayor nick Nixon whatever it also -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what's great about this bag is it's a slang I love this you can put it on one shoulder the other -- you can switch it from side to side depending on. Everybody likes to lean this really like to gas is out -- -- -- -- that I don't. -- absolutely how much easier to charge 139 another I don't know that I comes -- messenger style backpack style very cool OPEC. -- same kind of concept the pocket -- little smaller were prohibited same kind of con -- fashionable secret sauce. -- is this magic -- ball okay. Apple connect air micro USB. Mini USB. But -- you choose whichever one you need but to charge sending -- daisy chain them all together. But the man put them in your little park itself. And it's the same thing have to -- in the right direction of course that -- mr. -- -- -- and then you got it in your parent. Davis has a good shelf life as well yeah. And it just takes just a little while to charge a whole thing happened you can charge to Smartphones on this 11 -- -- huge anymore fighting over the one -- -- run -- whatever and quick price. 709 bucket to cable so fighting over outlets you get to the hotel. Not -- hours and and a lack of -- hotel -- this is certainly a lot of stress does senator Barack gets a -- mini surge protector it just gives you a couple more outlets. Great thing here it gives you two extra US -- so you don't have to have those converters. Everyone can charge their device is no one's battle lines winning the plug and find out we just don't forget to pack -- yes very true that in that that makes hotel room so much more accommodating to have that perfect perfect. I think about a hotel. Not every hotel is following Wi-Fi yet not yet -- -- -- get there sooner or later some of them have the ethernet port is still at the desk so if you -- a tablet -- laptop what do you -- -- Bruins take you get -- TP link wireless router. You get your ethernet you put it in this port here yet but this baby into the wall and before you know it. Your hotel room is a hot spot let's hope so yes it. Barack yeah hi -- Donna and every. Not until I read you can rock out on my review -- -- -- -- of the married that's -- get your reality your wireless here hotel room is now fully. Contact your got sick now to get to your town yes we when you go if you're renting a car. People before you pay money up front to -- to GPS. If you have what it is at home -- GPS start Anderson could save you money since they have the money -- the -- -- 23 bucks a day yeah GPS chocolate and give an app for that you can -- the TomTom app for that and keep it. But the thing is no local -- LS -- -- this on their phone or device there android phone. This is -- Google Maps this got me all -- might appoint be. This gives you directions you can press one button that says where MIA and if you're in an unfamiliar city -- tell you where you are. How many -- To get to the train station wherever it is that you need to now this is a real life -- in the -- -- tell -- what's the walking distance was the driving distance what's the nearest. Public transportation if there's -- -- in a matter which route which way to getting that this thing could help TO. Actually use this to check when we had GPS. In the rental car right. And I wasn't sure if it was taking the right way I -- follow along on May have still isn't -- -- don't check the GPS problem is that slowing orbit. Cool all -- appears to -- the spring break travel to other very harassment and dad wrote have been out. Find those hot spots that aren't banks in -- -- we do appreciate that. And you any more detail all these products lot of cool stuff here check -- our FaceBook fan page at WNN fans dot com thank you think gast who want to -- back right after this.

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{"id":15959344,"title":"Spring Break: Travel Tips","duration":"5:12","description":"Some tips to make your spring break getaway easier.","url":"/WNN/video/spring-break-travel-tips-15959344","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}