Spring Training Signals the Impending Warmth

Nothing says summer more than baseball. Visit Spring Training in Florida and Arizona.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Transcript for Spring Training Signals the Impending Warmth
-- -- it all my life nothing says summer like the crack of the bat the roar of the crowd the cold beer the peanuts popcorn cracker Jack. Green grass talking baseball for the FBI in Florida and Arizona major league baseball players are getting ready for the rail saying spring training is under way and it is -- them. Here reporters John Thomas in Clearwater Florida and -- -- in Scottsdale Arizona with the toughest assignments in the business. -- on -- ABC action news in Tampa were actually Clearwater right now. Who -- -- the Phillies take on the blue jays spring training baseball -- -- kinda touching go. But it's not that bad take a look around we may get some rain but look. That's green grass. Was not snow. This is fantastic. This is the best time -- to be down here because it's not even humid. You've -- -- amazing baseball fans here. -- what they say. The worst day of spring training is better than the best -- working. -- mind you doing both right now that's why ABC. Has -- this -- thank you very much. Then you really can't beat -- eighty degree weather here in Scottsdale Arizona just a real beautiful day to kick off Major League Baseball spring training. In the valley of the sun and -- hot dogs and beverages were flowing and they were served up at salt river fields at talking stick. In Scottsdale Arizona has the home team Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Los Angeles Dodgers. Four -- one now this is just one of ten locations throughout the greater Phoenix area were games won't be taking place and spring training. Brings in 600 million dollars annually. To this state. And the fun and games run through march so it's not too late for the folks in New York. To come to Scottsdale to enjoy the great weather and some great games before from Scottsdale Arizona -- around us. KN XV. Back to you guys in New York. Thanks so much -- -- Fund them into gas grill tough assignment unit -- joining us Flores and added another fun guy -- quite get the the great assignment -- accurate -- families are vacant. He feels likes to illusion he only different. Yeah -- and slightly -- involved adequate water. It's great to be back. We saw the in the early in the the last clip that you saw the Dodgers in the Diamondbacks. They are at it out in the cactus league. And they're not going to be there for that much longer because they are actually going to open their season in Australia. With games that actually counts of playing at Sydney's famous cricket ground and their -- 122. -- third. One guy -- not too excited about it Zack Greinke. He says quote there's zero excitement for him. -- going to Australia I can't think of one reason to be excited -- Says Zack Greinke underwear places he could be -- -- -- -- -- somebody out there at all you know. It was decisively organizers of the game not too happy little -- but we'll -- -- -- receptionist. Unfortunately. Theo Red Sox horseback they want -- World Series last year. They're working out right now for -- Florida. Oddly enough excuse me they open their grapefruit league play today. Split squad games against two college teams will get -- -- for real against an actual Major League Baseball team. Tomorrow. They start for real march 31 in Baltimore. The Yankees a couple of big items from them always. Lots of news from Tampa that's smashing heroes have knocked up. He's -- paints -- 155 million dollars for seven years we'll see what happens to Derek Jeter's last. Spring training. Their first game April 1 in Houston and maybe the most important video from spring training. We're told viewers the other day about half the dog checked them out -- at. Brewers. Training camp. In the -- -- in Arizona he was racing. Sausages yesterday. His first outing he had actually had a hot -- caught on himself. Into their egos got off a bit of a slow start but he did well. Now so cool that he had only distant -- -- Clinton appeared he could actually. Thursday that he could actually be part of the sausage race in Miller Park. When they get back there's so we'll look forward to look for the brewers -- can win -- all as your jacket. New York yankees' number 28 a couple of.

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{"id":22693843,"title":"Spring Training Signals the Impending Warmth ","duration":"3:00","description":"Nothing says summer more than baseball. Visit Spring Training in Florida and Arizona.","url":"/WNN/video/spring-training-signals-impending-warmth-22693843","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}