St. Patrick's Day: Partying Tips

Tim Laird celebrates with drinks and a new type of corned beef and cabbage.
4:55 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for St. Patrick's Day: Partying Tips
Welcome back everyone as you realize saint patty's day is Saturday and that means parades wearing of the Green of course your choice of how to celebrated Allen who better to help with some ideas for your saint patty's day feast but. Tim -- we know we love and he's America's chief energy an officer author that's entertaining it ain't easy being -- -- you brought up the good whenever he got my derby hat -- -- -- that gets ready for derby as well as Saint Patrick's Day so that's great -- say what we have some great ideas for your Saint Patrick's -- party. Even a twist on the traditional corned beef and cabbage -- that's a wonderful thing I've got -- there but first. I've got to start out with our what I call the sham rockets smash buttons that it is that we're shaken up and this is -- agreed to October helping the here's what -- you make this very easy. I start out with a -- -- a -- Bob and outs of -- half of -- -- mango vodka are so love doesn't mind and have to get. So it is likely that he's got a little bit of -- -- and about two ounces of lemonade okay. An ounce of Orange juice that -- -- and -- and then about a half ounce of blue pictures so which is an orange and quandary how it turned down the exact -- -- none of these ingredients a Green but the magic you remember from yes. From art very college class the primary colors orange and blue make Green we'll see how this works so we shake it -- -- Shake it up a little bit -- pour this into a nice. Rocks glass with ice really goes and there is magically turn Green look at that's not I have to try it just not -- -- you get you must you must haves coming garnish this with the little lemon. Our language and I don't and it has no alcohol and hearing what you get the alcohol free riot here this. And the Irish toast for cheaters is Sanches so -- -- up all right at all. -- Wow I tell you what. You can have a new idea mangled but this is absolutely delicious -- light refreshing yummy president great nephew but it tastes like another -- and other news. That's gotta love that all this good detailing what is a salon just this lunch. Flush on judge there is the Irish tell me just stop right now we -- want to -- -- And we got a great cop film -- above absolutely nothing so now we have some potatoes are about exactly this traditional Irish -- I love this appetizers basically had taken slices of potatoes and -- mopping up from five to ten minute on each side. And then a little bit of us smoked salmon on top with a little -- -- so very easy up for your guests and grabbed with the deal the sand in the potato all Irish. Okay here's a fun idea love this it's what I call potato pops it's it's kind of a up button waiting to get as yet. These are boil potatoes. And you -- potatoes cut in half. And then you can dunk on what you're gas output spears at a vineyard guests can -- little sour cream like bacon -- bacon cheese chives and if so I -- this. Salt here this sub urban smoked sea salt from William Sonoma it's delicious but urban barrel foods -- and tried -- and to see how that. Berman -- -- noses and the wow so glad I did not -- and I -- inevitably they had. And -- button to would you be appropriate for -- he'd want to download that why don't you write -- Nestled in a certain. My mother -- delicious and absolutely fantastic feeling that's -- -- -- do what I have fun of military wife now. A twist on. Point me in Cabot that I'm starting up and -- its -- right here underneath the corned beef I have looked as -- mustard so that sticks to that. Let's take your cabbage chopped cabbage in orbit coleslaw you can buy the store and then just simply wrap this up easy while Larry -- bump mapping out. Cut that you can have a percent much more. Actually -- for -- and one inch slices and there it is OK -- I'm curious about this as -- get his Green frosting. You have to me this is the -- called Benedict team. You call like this it's big in the south basically it's cream -- a little -- a little -- little hot sauce in their homes and Green food coloring his supreme Q&A bacon -- on top so that's what that it makes everything better it's wonderful men had a recap all the -- well I have of the famous Irish American coffee so -- -- basically is a -- coffee in here and what makes it Irish American is a little southern comfort those in. And because the creator of southern comfort MW -- was from. Ireland came over on the -- the ocean there not a set up a New Orleans created the us southern comfort so I just don't that would look Green will Green -- -- and she just hear -- love having your studio here says he's Tim Laird had to say we now we love and -- -- that you can buy an album recipes. On our face to thank everybody.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Tim Laird celebrates with drinks and a new type of corned beef and cabbage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15934407","title":"St. Patrick's Day: Partying Tips","url":"/WNN/video/st-patricks-day-partying-tips-15934407"}