Stars, Fans React to James Gandolfini's Death

Co-stars, fans and friends all pay tribute to the New Jersey-born actor.
2:39 | 06/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stars, Fans React to James Gandolfini's Death
Handle -- sudden and untimely death has left his many fans and friends are stunned and devastated really ABC's entertainment correspondent Jason Nathanson. Is it a lot -- Census Bureau right now this morning with more on the reaction and Jason stunned really is the word as -- -- getting confirmation on this what kind of reaction where you hearing from people you talked him. Yeah I really was sad and shocking I think to a lot of people because usually when something like this happens I mean sadly when it's somebody older. Usually a call around try to get Sunday confirmation and get some reaction and it'll be kind of expected -- was something like this is just so unexpected. And people were just devastated at first people I talked to were in his manager's office they couldn't really say any thing people HBO when it finally talk to them and got confirmation from them. That he had died. They were just beside themselves and we were slow getting reaction tonight on camera or on the phone from people in Hollywood were getting a lot of statements. The people don't wanna go on camera on the phone right now because they're just I think two broken up about this. Jason their -- seems like they're just not ready for -- and you know we think about James Gandolfini a person that comes to mind for a lot of people is The Sopranos and this big -- role that he played as Tony Soprano. How -- that we've been -- -- morning how exactly did the show revolutionize TV. What I mean before the show nobody really counted on these networks like HBO and and AM CE and all these things that we see winning the Emmys nowadays and actors winning the enemies in the shows winning best drama and things like that. It was all the networks before that and -- The Sopranos came along. James Gandolfini won three Emmys and The Sopranos won a bunch of -- and then since then we've basically seen you know Bryan Cranston win and shows like breaking bad win. And mad men so that show came along and really just kind of changed the landscape of what we watch and what winds at -- shows. So about some of the projects that James Gandolfini had a works it was certainly so much more than just Tony Soprano. Absolutely -- I was really looking forward to this it was an HBO miniseries coming up called criminal justice. And he was going to be playing a kind of just shoveled. Jailhouse lawyer and it really look like a lot of fun to kind of see him come back in a role in the ceiling these movie roles and he didn't really have the big movie roles right we saw him. In zero dark thirty played a small role Leon Panetta and that. But to see in this this was -- -- be sevenths. Seven episodes. So we could see him like in The Sopranos kind of flesh out of character now -- can be fun to watch and now I don't know exactly it's kind of up in the air I don't know how many episodes about the film. While it disheveled jailhouse lawyer that sounds like a great role for him. All right Jason -- -- thank you very much we appreciate it.

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{"id":19443884,"title":"Stars, Fans React to James Gandolfini's Death ","duration":"2:39","description":"Co-stars, fans and friends all pay tribute to the New Jersey-born actor.","url":"/WNN/video/stars-fans-react-james-gandolfinis-death-19443884","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}