'Start Here' podcast: Kavanaugh's accuser

A sexual assault allegation, which Brett Kavanaugh denies, could throw the Supreme Court nominee's confirmation into question.
2:07 | 09/17/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Start Here' podcast: Kavanaugh's accuser
Amber Kavanagh us nomination to the Supreme Court you know a few weeks ago seem like a slam dunk certainly that and then he was accused of sexually assaulting. A young lady while in heights. Now Kavanagh vehemently denied the anonymous accusation but now that woman has come forward in Thursday's Senate Judiciary Committee vote is in doubt. ABC's Brad milking it more. A guys yet we heard some of these allegations last week. But now we're hearing them from the accuser herself. Christine Ford tells the Washington Post that when they were both a high school. Brit Kavanagh sexually assaulted her she says he and a friend drunken and trapped her in a bedroom and a party. Anne Kavanagh put his hand over her mouth is he hinder to a bed. Now Kavanagh and directly denies that spot. The Senate Judiciary Committee is supposed to bow to confer Barbara Kavanagh this Thursday so why Asta BC senior national correspondent Terry Moran at. Does this put Kavanagh is confirmation in jeopardy. It might indeed I think the way chairman. Chuck Grassley Republican senator of Iowa wants to handle this. Is to have all the senators on the phone with both Kavanagh and professor Ford and if that satisfies the Republicans who hold that the key votes here. They will move forward and said this nomination to the floor but. The problem is. Then one of the Republicans. Not up for reelection senator flake of Arizona has already said that this allegation is serious he wants to have a hearing in which he would. See both and hear from both and he is now up in the air they only have one vote to spare and it. If senator flake or any of the Republicans. Bales then this were nomination cannot go forward. And forts that she actually sent a letter about this to senator Dianne Feinstein months ago. But decided at the time not to go public fort says the story leaked anyway against her wishes so she allowed Feinstein the publisher account. Just days before Thursday's big vote. And we will have much more on these accusations against Brett Cavanaugh out later this morning on star here. Check it out and apple podcasts wreak Havoc podcasting app and its genetic. Brad paying PO.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"A sexual assault allegation, which Brett Kavanaugh denies, could throw the Supreme Court nominee's confirmation into question.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"57874049","title":"'Start Here' podcast: Kavanaugh's accuser","url":"/WNN/video/start-podcast-kavanaughs-accuser-57874049"}