Steve Harvey Crowns the Wrong Miss Universe 2015

Host Steve Harvey announced that Miss Colombia was the new Miss Universe, but returned to the stage minutes later to announce that Miss Philippines was the actual winner.
3:54 | 12/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steve Harvey Crowns the Wrong Miss Universe 2015
Okay Lee is up is mourning the miss universe competition arguably the most are accord ending to a patch an amber. Start up well of the beautiful female women of earth represented yes sending universe including ms. haley's comet wearing swimsuits and India. Ms. haley's comet get it some miss universe contest. Hank and also being put to death put on the spot asked to weigh in on the pressing issues. The world like terrorism and gun control misuse they had a good chance of even controlling. After some thoughtful answers miss Colombia was crowned miss universe. After renegade dead end street bears a striking resemblance to Phillip Colombia to the other guys yeah. Was barely finished waving her flag and blown kisses to the crowd went the host Steve Harvey stepped in and several I have half. And was. I have two apology. Voters. Runner up. Is home loan B. Earth 2015. No good way to do this but we'll. He made up until Adams me out at Robert Harding quickly turned to Twitter to express his regret and apologize. But he messed up again and spelling Colombia wrong he also. Seemingly fell victim to auto correct spelling philippines' like in biblical bill Libyans. Harvey quickly deleted this week and retreated it with the correct spellings we can you imagine being the guy who had to tell him on mr. Harvey. You messed up yet again. I would not go visit Columbia anytime soon the whole entire country is probably of that scene are you. I should point out Steve gets greeted by the latest breaking news that. Can you Alvin movie was number one at the box office this weekend. Went. This movement a game vineyards and riady didn't start to resent Jimmie. Was convicted of fraud along with her husband she has a fifteen month sentence. And she's coming home to her four daughters just in time for Christmas her attorney telling ABC news she's not gonna go to halfway house. But so actually be able to spend Christmas with her family what ever you feel about Teresa. It is good news for her daughters and clearly has been a rough here for that yeah absolutely what do you think of. The lyrics you're insecure don't know what for your turning heads when you walk through the door don't need makeup the couple were wearing the way. That you are is enough that's what makes you beautiful. At this sounds like your favorite group it's genius that is genius. Yet Zain Malick from one direction over the weekend it's wrong. Zain over the weekend it was just ripping on one directions music yet out saying that. The band just stifled his creativity to rob the whole writing process he says and many of their songs were very generic and boring. Doesn't fight and works to that the wrongs of its referral to one defense cuts at all so Simon cal finally saw didn't. Yet he bowed in on Sunday and now Mike you Simon signed. Saint his record label Clinton and agree with the mirror that creating the band's songs was a very. Very democratic process and he called it a bit rude to the people who rode all the hits with them. Had we got some breaking news wanna say a quick big congratulations to ABC's chief meteorologist ginger Z. Her husband and giving birth to their son 83 Benjamin. Help me out here calling normal so they get that right looks so beautiful beautiful family change congratulations were so excited for you this new chapter in the green.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Host Steve Harvey announced that Miss Colombia was the new Miss Universe, but returned to the stage minutes later to announce that Miss Philippines was the actual winner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35882558","title":"Steve Harvey Crowns the Wrong Miss Universe 2015","url":"/WNN/video/steve-harvey-crowns-wrong-miss-universe-2015-35882558"}