Sticky Myths Busted

It turns out that swallowing gum will not stay in your stomach for years.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for Sticky Myths Busted
Our right it is time for the next -- had to pick a story when I saw this morning because I was having this conversation the other day games left the reporter -- ABC. Said that you don't want -- -- in -- because it will stay in his stomach. For seven years this is an urban -- And peace he said it was true turns out so -- that couldn't shoot that -- he can have a visa. Anyway let me say about this what is made up essentially is elastomer as a residence fat so most -- and waxes did you go about you and had gotten out. But anyway you know -- -- we don't swallow it but if you did essentially they've got keeps moving it along until makes its way through the intestines and gets well. Comes out the other -- it turns out well model Amanda and -- so anyway that having paid for. But it turns out that probably in a day to you passed the golf but that is not a good reason to swallow it and for kids if they swallow big -- It could block the intestines and also owns all the gum I found themselves could -- yes but it will not -- your stomach for seven -- real quick story. Yeah wonderland tour is growing up I had -- -- out of the garbage cans and collect on the trash and I didn't take the -- -- of the trash I was very young. What do you think I think about it I if you don't mind the trash can I ate it so worse things get -- until -- -- that's a good admission here on the -- OK another reason I'm -- -- is because my breath is bad. Don't assume yes today is -- according to how -- this -- -- -- there's no there's there's this new device that you can actually buy it. You breathe into it and it tells you just how bad smell as -- it gives you ratings from -- -- supports available in about thirty dollars on played. Dot com how about that. Did you. And if not better than -- heightens the government not yet because I didn't. And then there's my wish they weren't really able to stay alert as an Italian pockets of really stop and if it happens isn't everything that I don't let me. All right -- you have. President benefits. -- -- on the friends and not have the attraction get in the way Harry met Sally -- whole movement devoted to that. Well it turns out that there are problems with it according to -- to -- -- -- -- you know of course it's common. And listen drawbacks of the study say 32% of people listed say the attraction comes at a cost only 6% -- say. That the attraction is a graphical -- Remember that scene of the -- I -- -- First Amendment. It's hard to separate emotion from the physical women were more likely than the -- to say that the attraction was a drawback -- -- surprise. And researchers hypothesize that interacting with a member of the opposite sex actually. He's actually triggers mating strategies that -- -- tens of thousands of years ago yes we are really -- so maybe there is something to. Something something breaking your animal's weight can get here then again overall apple. Men men and women get that out there -- men men. And I need another basic down.

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{"id":17206862,"title":"Sticky Myths Busted","duration":"3:00","description":"It turns out that swallowing gum will not stay in your stomach for years.","url":"/WNN/video/sticky-myths-busted-17206862","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}