New Store has a "Smashing" Business

A store allows people to purchase electronic devices and then smash them.
2:57 | 04/23/14

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Transcript for New Store has a "Smashing" Business
Welcome into the makes everybody there's a new star in Boise Idaho that getting people who are stressed out by their jobs and opportunity to break. Stuff quite literally the -- called stop to break ground. It opened up on tax day and at that. Actually what it does the view going there you -- -- whatever electronic item you -- it doesn't have to be electronics that you -- everything from computer monitors to glass doors dishes musical equipment. You buy it and then the dialogue the plays in his safe place and safety equipment ago when parents -- -- And you have as much time -- he wants to destroy it in on the fun it looks fun I love looking hard hat. They had happy hour from nine hour from seven to 9 AM and four to 6 PM -- -- into the dining -- at a discounted price. One dollar -- about -- dollar price one dollar right. Yeah you -- it you really get to a nice talent I wanna play that I sledgehammer don't want little hand handler are no big right. Florida Gators. And I Gallagher the comedian has yet -- -- it exactly an -- television cameras to break. -- -- -- -- projecting yeah just a teeny bit ahead of this is a viral video and it's not a -- viral video it's a scary one but it you know it ends well. There's a man and Czech Republic crossing the train watch what happens here it is. Blue he shoe law that you see flying across your screen yes watch -- again. He's OKV 77 years old. He's very lucky to be alive walking across tracks he suffered a minor leg injury no danger to his life it doesn't. Get any closer than -- I look at the ship they're there when it literally hits -- -- I was. See Angel he's blurred there but I pushed the what is your reaction did -- not see it coming I'm sure that I mean -- -- 77 maybe yeah. He is hearing and sight I don't know what but what -- have gone wrong there might be his mind is going but whatever he's okay but wow that's close. Are -- changing. Topics drastic. We -- we're not talking about something. That have come out into the market got a lot of people like me very happy about a really -- lollipops who who doesn't want lollipop like a lollipop. Near beer -- -- being fully remodeled. It but it's just the flavor they don't have any alcohol in them so much at that point of that -- Give me. Severe flavors -- idea a blogger and stout so you can happen any variation that you would like and these -- thank you let's -- them allowing file dot com -- You can using discounted -- break and get them -- a discount. And why you're very if the mother appetizing likable such as blue cheese and breast milk flavor of breast milk -- -- -- There -- -- -- -- breast milk blue cheese. Whenever they want any of those whatever floats -- whom she's lollipop. Men now we do when you -- -- I think you're here -- one here's Jeremy thank you.

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{"id":23435290,"title":"New Store has a \"Smashing\" Business","duration":"2:57","description":"A store allows people to purchase electronic devices and then smash them.","url":"/WNN/video/store-smashing-business-23435290","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}