Student Suspended After Miss America Prom Proposal

Patrick Farves' smooth moves got him a three-day suspension after he proposed to Nina Davuluri.
1:51 | 04/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Student Suspended After Miss America Prom Proposal
Pennsylvania teenager has been suspended for asking a girl to the problem of -- -- girl was Miss America the beauty queen -- double Laurie. She was speaking at a school so we decided to pop the question -- person we get more now from Alvin knows -- Harrisburg station. Word got around quickly in fact the central York administrators also gotten wind of it. More thought about the morals like here that don't require a great the before going to be a good way to go out. -- -- the bank. Patrick says ten minutes. For the presentation they pulled him aside and told him that such a move would be inappropriate and that he should not do it. -- that point time I was already like I was just I don't do and -- I had you know I was looking at it as like. It was like -- now -- never type thing. During a question and answer session Patrick popped up on stage with a flower. And -- -- to the prom is she never actually -- a direct answer the whole school just started cheering -- -- -- the -- and she kind of this laughter whatever Patrick quickly got pulled out of the auditorium was told it was. Getting a three day in school suspension. He is no hard feelings about it says he still loves the administration and that he understands why they punished him. It wasn't because -- -- that was because. I went directly -- against what they sent you know -- -- so that's why was punishment Jack I completely respect and I completely. Understand their decision. Any also apologized to the people who set up the lesson on diversity she was coming off with a a very strong message and I did kind of overshadow it -- the whole school was talking about what I didn't -- -- How -- you want to apologize to that. People who set up the diversity -- Dan Patrick is going to the prom but barring a major development it will not be witness America still. Thanks sir for being such a great sports town than those that ABC.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"Patrick Farves' smooth moves got him a three-day suspension after he proposed to Nina Davuluri.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23403509","title":"Student Suspended After Miss America Prom Proposal","url":"/WNN/video/student-suspended-miss-america-prom-proposal-23403509"}