New Study Changes Our Mind on Where We're Most Stressed

Long thought that stress came from work, we find out now we're more stressed at home.
3:34 | 06/25/14

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Transcript for New Study Changes Our Mind on Where We're Most Stressed
Suffering from stress maybe that's -- -- watching this at this hour. Here's a suggestion go to work what -- studied -- by the conventional wisdom that home. It's our haven ABC's -- Batiste joins us this morning with the story. -- and -- researchers took a close look at our lives they wanted to know where are you more stressed at home or at work. Most of us would probably say at work. Might most of us assistant high school principal. Mother of two a husband who also works full time in or it. Both added triathletes there's stress reliever. And like most of us -- believes her work -- is far more stressful than her time at home. And we are wrong -- a new study says otherwise. Researchers at Penn state university put the lines of -- 122. Married and single. Working men and women under a microscope each person had to -- their saliva at six times a day. Both at home -- on the job to measure their cortisol levels. The most accurate indicator of stress people stress levels -- lower at work than they -- It turns out work just may -- -- -- even. Sent home each daughters ages eight and five C the stress on moms face. -- -- Stressing out yeah so. She also took the test in the midst of juggling everything else we see that you're -- -- get pregnant right away and -- that are in the spring that he. These results to see that the cortisol levels are slightly higher. At home she is indeed more stress at home than at work I absolutely thought that I would be more stress at work why it is surprising results. Researchers think it's because home is where the -- is who we care more so the stakes are even higher. There's so many factors at home that are so personal and for people that I love that it's really hard not to make that the most stressful place. And sees researchers also found that women when compared to men are much happier work than at home. Now we're back -- I was so relaxed looking at -- guys need to stress reliever I don't like Anguilla -- told me that's crazy coworkers I wanna know why they say women are so much more happier. -- at work they get validation -- get a good job from their box and they feel some self satisfaction when we're at home doing laundry -- says. You -- that tell beautifully. Strip. And -- -- -- parents vs non parents right and found something pretty crazy yes this is most surprising to -- non parents are more stressed at home and parents have this theory is that. You both have children they provide comfort -- provide joy they sort of eliminate some of that stress. So how do you. A lot of ways that we would at work they say delegate ask family members to help. Take a break ask a friend to go grab a coffee or even just call -- friend and my favorite another new stress study says laughter is the best remedy well. So here. You know what my show he's on the floor as he did today to -- Connolly. As a musical act which should thank god for those wiretaps and -- thank you thank you.

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{"id":24293767,"title":"New Study Changes Our Mind on Where We're Most Stressed","duration":"3:34","description":"Long thought that stress came from work, we find out now we're more stressed at home.","url":"/WNN/video/study-mind-stressed-24293767","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}