Study: Waiting for Sex Strengthens a Relationship

A Cornell University study finds that waiting longer for sex means better bonding for couples.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Study: Waiting for Sex Strengthens a Relationship
Welcome back everybody headline says -- all here new study. At a Cornell University here in the US it says. The wait is worth it. Study looking at the effects of sex before marriage finds it is better not to Munich early sexual satisfaction -- development. A key ingredients for a thriving relationship meaning that the lower you -- To have sex the better the relationship there's a potentially the better the marriages as well they talked to 600. Couples here this around a third of the men and women said they had sex within the first month of dating. While 28% -- at least six months and those who waited at least six months scored a more more highly every category. Measured than those who got intimate with in the first. Months. Interesting and day polls and married folks and people that we're -- levitating gravitating each very very interesting I'm not gonna reveal anything about my iPod anyway but here's my question let's say that you wait the six -- everything's going great but Dan. -- -- -- the sex and the news its unsatisfying. Then then what what you're invest in the person but then. What and then you get to -- we get to the deed and then it's not a. There -- no not really good fully end and then fled their ears you're you're -- -- joke was so you can't you know but yeah. I don't know if people hadn't had a mother to complete the run athletic yeah. But it -- the Zell who had this -- -- -- for thought I love those kids that he. But it yes and probably won't -- -- are you all to just how much you sell this action on that here's mechanically. Plane off of that last little bit of information does. -- your urban helped rescue pick out your outfit I have friends I just heard my sometimes not often volatile like -- -- -- companies I don't I go. Mind you Nigeria I -- it is my husband has much more styles and tonight you but this new study out of Britain. Says that more than half -- a man confessed that they rely found the woman and their life whether it's their spouse or and her partner to pick out their outfits for the next day. On the rare occasions that they do -- choose their outfit happen -- that they still ask. -- -- her -- to improve the ensemble he wanted to form asks your wife or girlfriend to shop for -- and most guys get ready in less than two minutes. What I say is completely not fair -- in the makeup chair for how long and then there's really. Ten hours. 55 but you -- -- more complicated creatures like that I know it's not my highest -- come just all right just look okay -- -- creatures to -- you like -- myself with other people. -- nothing I would just rather somebody. Pick out -- -- distractions that go with the I'm happy is with the -- ponytail and jeans and things up on -- low maintenance I'd I'd like that because so we get old although this to go to the super -- I think that's ridiculous you know -- I like them. Like I do is keep it Steven seelig in jeans on the night -- -- with a book -- the -- and it must keep it classy elegant.

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{"id":17157719,"title":"Study: Waiting for Sex Strengthens a Relationship","duration":"3:00","description":"A Cornell University study finds that waiting longer for sex means better bonding for couples.","url":"/WNN/video/study-waiting-sex-strengthens-relationship-17157719","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}