Submarines: The New Yacht?

Will submarines become the toy of choice for the superrich?
2:59 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Submarines: The New Yacht?
Yeah. World news now delivers your morning. What a battered body only thing -- like who are rich -- we think they'll they have big cars they have big jobs they have. You know fancy clothes I was kind of suffocation tells us that kind of thing but there is a new trend among the super super super wealthy they want their own. Submarines. To literally go travel beneath the surface of the ocean so who's leading this too familiar names. James Cameron the world famous directors well as. Mr. Branson the British entrepreneur or here and they hear Miller for anywhere between two and ninety million dollars or building their own submarines to go travel in the ocean and that's how we're now getting around so these -- uber rich people. Any of you to believe there like a mega yacht owners. Yes that's where this hotel and get around. And it probably -- stumble upon like buried treasure something I would outlet pass sunken treasure -- OK first of luggage you can't get that there is an International Bowl championship. -- -- just me I said yes. Now -- I wouldn't be surprised if he said yes OK anyway. There was an International Bowl championship last week at Hong -- I had no idea that that -- existed. And a woman from Australia Deborah -- she only has one arm and she took first place. Very she she look this isn't pretty pretty impressive -- we're look at this video. A little while ago and just -- from an equilibrium standpoint for her. To be able to -- to do this -- she does have a prosthetic that she -- as you know during normal life but when she participates in the sort of thing. She takes about -- and cat hats off to her has had that would give her hand that's impressive man that's good stuff -- -- hand that. Across Saudi Venezuela six -- developed by the digital. Paula. This is using story made out of here in New York City -- there was no we hear these awful stores -- -- -- came from the -- of the guerrilla. Incident here 400 pound silverback heroic battle the buffalo zoo but yet -- got crazy. And -- it -- tranquilizing thing to get into. You know when drug and -- -- drag it out of there and -- the only one person was hurt was the keeper. Obviously -- -- -- through parts of his body but it was more about the -- being cited in an act of aggression. -- -- this and supporter pastor Rick without blinking rip your arm out of the socket nothing at the zoo and what this doors were locked -- the could've gotten way. Throughout -- tires and luckily they got. The -- thank Frank Luntz and fast enough. I got up on what Fareed did you know that he'll -- as a natural resources did OK so scientists are mad because. They say that stopped making the party balloons because that were actually running out of Healy M. It's becoming a worry worry -- scarce they say. Were triggering in the supply and party balloons into we couldn't operate -- -- because. People put party balloons are -- system to make funny he always -- -- -- -- Yeah pat pat -- -- talked about.

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{"id":15959358,"title":"Submarines: The New Yacht?","duration":"2:59","description":"Will submarines become the toy of choice for the superrich?","url":"/WNN/video/submarines-yacht-15959358","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}