Summer Travel Toys for Boys and Girls

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht with the toys that can keep kids entertained on summer road trips.
3:49 | 06/09/14

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Transcript for Summer Travel Toys for Boys and Girls
Sometimes travel time to keep kids busy when -- -- on the go is essential or no one's gonna have a good -- so -- with your swimsuit. Packs of brand new toys and that's why our insider -- mom worries -- as joins us this morning Laurie always a pleasure. It's so expensive the and it doesn't get you going away for a week or grandma's house for a weekend -- just -- paid trip to the park where the beach. There are things that you need to keep those kids busy and we need to wait to bring them don't make people -- all over. -- -- Is certainly something -- it's cold room can sell it starts out as a suitcase we can put our toys and here if it's a weekend should you have enough capital to close -- But look when you -- -- It learned that man here despite -- -- and -- -- the girls just as the other princess is great but yes it's a ride on can't get on -- they can write to the airport where I was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that great a packet -- Don't and don't forget but former opponent you're carrying that that threat games are great that you want schemes that are easy and Compaq to bring to this. Just sitting names and I love -- but one thing. You can play this with a few children. Or just one. OK it's -- challenge game. And it's directional it's about getting from point a to point -- -- the challenges get more difficult but also encourage conversation about where you government -- we navigating. And most important it's compact when all this is done -- ten puzzle pieces this a buck and a cover. Put it together and to keep them improvements -- and -- -- I -- perfect setting up -- well it's always at -- time to learn language and so let's face it only traveling a lot of time to putting on dvds for our kids -- This little -- and this is little -- And little camp teaches kids early language -- whether it's French are still doesn't much like -- like. Learn language don't need to examine each separate kit comes with three dvds and there and aided in their kids and it didn't you know when you keep that up to school they're bilingual -- yeah near in the car and making it spun it this is really made -- -- -- -- under these aren't they probably wondering why haven't -- -- An outfit and help us tell the real -- -- magic. Aren't just about Christmas anymore and is seen reasons -- sap and if you look at -- you see there wearing a little flip flops they have their beach closes on. Kids -- to take -- favorite little. Friends stuffed animal at them so now they can take their favorite out this -- to go to camp but -- -- they're going to be that awesome all else writes it down to maybe this isn't for you but definitely agree your daughter. What -- and traveling is nothing like a good nanny caddie -- -- and I -- I haven't even have a that there isn't -- now do you expect fashion angels -- eats little kit comes with. Three -- -- with a collar polished. Top coat and embellishment you need to try this you know when he does have mentioned that few years younger she loved this -- eleven and the best part is this is pure law. -- you don't need all of the other things to take it off later last malaise but not least when kids are getting tired. Before you know they're already something to settle -- dad's great arts and crafts activity them this is called vetoes by news. Comes out all of the things you see -- it was October 500 different beads and what you do is -- on the east conflicts. You spray it with water. He -- on the dry air. And suddenly you have these great little characters that he's blocking the -- -- in the character. It's a great activity for girls from boys ever -- love doing it no heat no whining just alliance hot and also agreed on a rainy day let's -- you're at a destination. He needs something to do that to the care that in the dark tunnel 500 -- -- all right great stuff as always insider we mom -- -- Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht with the toys that can keep kids entertained on summer road trips.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24052720","title":"Summer Travel Toys for Boys and Girls","url":"/WNN/video/summer-travel-toys-boys-girls-24052720"}