Super Bowl Ads That Scored

Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado on the big game's best ads.
2:42 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Super Bowl Ads That Scored
Sorry I don't look under the commercial now they're certainly wasn't under lying scene there wasn't that -- leaving Scott -- signed Feldman Bob people. -- automotive category isn't. Back and bigger than that it wasn't last few years I think it speaks volumes about where Detroit -- and with the auto industry is 13 -- -- the commercials tonight we're automotive or automotive related and certainly Jerry -- -- Acura NX that and -- -- commercial was. Amazing should not keep in -- trying to -- this Karzai coming up the next three years and -- gonna cost a lot. Lot more than average Super Bowl -- in a court. But just seeing Jerry -- belt and the soup Nazi and that the yen being thwarted by Jay Leno who basically takes in Newman role here classic I think this one's going to be one of the ones we didn't talk about while it was it was released about two weeks ago -- -- And it it gathered about five million views -- the first couple days out of its release. This morning movies it's crazy to -- -- -- did it is god knows he needs the money. Haas also rehearsal for days about the big Ferris -- had it didn't -- NL west Iowa. All of this -- was humongous on Twitter it was actions are trending topic on -- two weeks ago rush everybody thought this -- -- is the both spot and released and it's easier attend second teacher. Everybody thought it was actually. Ferris -- sequel coming back 25 years after the original but it wasn't this -- has done gangbusters Matthew Broderick is actually trying to -- nothing particular. This bus directed by Todd Phillips and directed hangover movie -- -- and real cool. Commercial. And another alumni that is generated tremendous buzz online -- got ten million do you want to the first five days that was released -- -- -- -- common thing not to release commercials before the Super Bowl. Could -- appetizers need to amortize their costs they need to make sure as many people see these thoughts but for the actual games. So they can talk about during the game and apps -- games that we were doing right now. Look at your advertising and you don't wanna go with something as obvious SAS celebrity opinions about my -- -- -- go on to sell your call it. Gosh you can never go wrong with dogs this year VW had the empire strikes back Star Wars believe that the dogs. That didn't dogs barred blacks and it was probably the funniest commercial of the -- -- Here and he had a dark figure that child -- start the year that was the most popular commercial and written running neck -- neck with Betty White. All right drew has always super -- a spectacle and a business that's for sure. -- -- thank you so much for joining us there we appreciate it.

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{"id":15520754,"title":"Super Bowl Ads That Scored","duration":"2:42","description":"Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado on the big game's best ads.","url":"/WNN/video/super-bowl-ads-that-scored-15520754","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}