Super Model Agrees to Go to Prom

A Los Angeles teen lands super model, Nena Agdal, to attend his high school prom.
2:55 | 05/23/13

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Transcript for Super Model Agrees to Go to Prom
I -- the next it's prom season graduation season got a heck of a crime story can be -- that kid who put the YouTube video on asking supermodel Kate -- -- -- -- there's a couple but this one -- -- forgot -- current government again get a -- was uploaded on March 16 that has been viewed more than two and a half million times a surprise ending let's get a quick listen we have seen. We have our commonalities. U explores. I like explore acts you like fun dining. -- fine dining. You're on the cover story associated. I read Sports Illustrated that Kate. We go to -- -- big. -- originally responded and says she'll see what you can do and it turns out that it looks like her schedules call one numbers sort of fell through so what does the Jake. Undeterred -- name's -- Davidson seventeen from Los Angeles. Decided OK I'll just ask another supermodel so that's what he did he -- Danish born need to act doll to the may 23 dance why she. Now you last another -- that easy to get supermodel wow that disaster look at supermodel -- turns down and get -- -- -- anyway all right well that ends well he. Fare much better I mean I'm I don't value -- -- -- you all well yeah. I think well actually I think either one you just identity has not -- as well the. But I doubt he says that he would love kids and probably understand she's busy in these very grateful that he's now going that he did -- -- he that he. He did he did he get out. Look at today's at least so we let you know -- women who have gotten married now how expensive wedding conveniently the average wedding -- According to the not dot com is costing more than 20000 dollars a wedding down costing more than 12100. Saying. He -- now. There is a new discounts. Big box store that is jumping on that right -- bandwagon we have. We've got a scheme to -- old where everywhere from J. Crew to Urban Outfitters in -- house -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- jumped on board 999922999. We'll get to a wedding gown so they can even -- the online you can cite just two to 28 you -- -- get right -- justice flower girl dresses and Tinny tiny Texas and ring bearer applicants as well so not back. -- -- -- an acoustic night -- that accident target planning. Civilians say that you know like somebody in the audience enemy that's not I don't know I have a funny feeling because they're made by a designer called us -- -- -- insurance doesn't have a Olelo exactly right. Have a funny feeling you're not been able to tell the difference now they've been around for ten years and everybody's getting married -- the target this time maybe you can -- casino before it started just. You have no idea. I'm pretty -- it's fantastic especially that the paper and I think it's awesome. Hey look Wikipedia world eighties Japanese fighter but -- this -- -- climbed Mount Everest in under five hours -- years old barriers. I'm Sheila --

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{"id":19239544,"title":"Super Model Agrees to Go to Prom","duration":"2:55","description":"A Los Angeles teen lands super model, Nena Agdal, to attend his high school prom.","url":"/WNN/video/super-model-agrees-prom-19239544","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}