Superstorm Sandy Anniversary Shows Signs of Recovery

The East Coast sustained $65 billion in property damages, but residents have rebuilt one year later.
2:55 | 10/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstorm Sandy Anniversary Shows Signs of Recovery
America's number one. Full recovery after the storm. -- slammed into the eastern seaboard one year ago today affecting the lives of millions of people. Take a look at these before and after pictures this -- -- a -- road in seaside heights New Jersey a much different scene one year ago. And this was not one of -- more iconic images are roller -- sitting in the Atlantic that right now gone. Days after the storm sand filled the streets of Cape May, New Jersey you can see -- nearly came to the top of that street side. Thunderstorm damaged thousands of homes including these houses and -- beach that's rating system on Bradley is live this morning for us good morning to -- Good morning Diana good morning -- here and portly beach they're still rebuilding this boardwalk here is new and the -- behind me. -- to protect residents from rising water. All along the East Coast there's a lot of signs of progress but still a lot of work left to -- One year after super -- Sandy's fury. Along the East Coast. The recovery. Ellis Island left in the dark for months after sandy reopened museum Manhattan's South Street Seaport is back open for business. Storm shut down 85% of the business. A Long Beach, New York there's a new 2.2 mile boardwalk. Made of hard wood in concrete it's supposed to withstand the next storm. We've made great progress over the past year but that means absolutely nothing if you're one of the people -- -- back in their home. Many are still rebuilding still suffering sandy cost 65 billion dollars in property damage. Only a portion of the fifty billion in federal aid money has been tapped new rules put in place after Hurricane Katrina to prevent waste and fraud -- slow the flow of funds. Milford Connecticut residents like Patrick Tarantino say they're frustrated by paperwork and red tape. Fill out paperwork he -- -- submit this meant that an inviting. You know the and they just -- to you know qualify for whatever reasons. The storm destroyed retiree Christine Chirac's New Jersey home -- beach haven last she's building a new one. But the 140000. Dollar insurance payout -- cover the cost of construction. She and her husband -- making tough choices are using your savings -- retirement. Today through vigils and memorials residents will remember the sandy victims at least 181. People were killed in the US. Pet -- lost her husband and daughter small steps and we've gotten to this point so far and later this morning New Jersey governor Chris Christie will attend a statewide prayer service. And here along the Jersey Shore people will shine flashlights their message light over the darkness sandy -- -- -- ABC's my -- live for us the Jersey Shore in northern beach thank you.

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{"id":20711148,"title":"Superstorm Sandy Anniversary Shows Signs of Recovery","duration":"2:55","description":"The East Coast sustained $65 billion in property damages, but residents have rebuilt one year later.","url":"/WNN/video/superstorm-sandy-anniversary-shows-signs-recovery-20711148","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}