The Sweetest Easter Treats

Insider Mom Laurie Schacht has the cutest toys and treats for your Easter basket.
3:58 | 03/31/15

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Transcript for The Sweetest Easter Treats
We're checking out some of the Easter bunnies top twit picks for this year's Easter baskets and joining us now. It's toy insider mom Laurie shot skit where it morning ended here and talk about the Easter basket but now I know that everyone's favorite might be a little chocolate inside. But we do not have to overlook the kids on sugar there are so many great affordable toys. That let you customize the basket great aunt about it the child has a favorite character like sky Lander as. Look at the ultimate sky island just basket that you could make without flash with toys. They even have limited edition wants for the holidays like our little Easter Bunny birth track. So there are a lot of fun. Maybe it's a pony they and you have in your house my little pony. So weakened lose the wicker basket and we can put in a nice folks want the Unita for the whole year the whole year and we can fill it with things like our little. Squishy perhaps. So this one a bracelet but they also are really cool. Hey hey hey make a lot of cute little noise. Or my little pony garden stet France let's face it it's spring we want those kids to get outside criminal. C stick with the theme and the navy and then you Cardoza basket around debt rating to now when it comes to the baskets bigger is not always better it's really loved. Little collectibles you have so we have. Dinosaur exhibit from safari we have our little dinosaur inside and with Jurassic world coming out this Sierra paying summer. I'm sure fans yeah Doug teenage mutant ninja turtles we have our little skateboards and all kinds of fun novelty half. Shocking ends this is series kill a hundred in forty new shout him down well even little bunny inspired ones. Can you come up. Go get the little plastic Easter and yup. But there's Shaq and yeah. I and Philip basket that's a great idea so instead of those kids listening peanut allergies he rented a regular like I said it's not always about the candidate might great idea now the other thing that we eleventh when you take something under the basket something encourages kids to play imagine using labored to help tell a story. So these a little finger puppet. These are by boat minus but how cute if you're telling your children a story they're gonna be watching these little pads. Make sure you used the I. Do you have a little princess in your house princesses of course need pets. So these are glitzy glitter are friends and they're beautiful they're sparkly they have tons of glass. Com fort east we also want toys that help our kids think. So we have challenge games this is by Smart games to these little travel books I don't what I love peace because their magnetic. Okay okay see you move these around but you're forty challenges over. Thousand. Answers to these are different pots also different puzzles okay start easy they get harder to not only our kids thinking but we're gonna keep them busy for hours so this is what age group would you say this is gonna be like six and that it not been given the older Isabel ultimately it's so we'll keep them busy if you on the way to grandma's house a great idea right so that's fantastic fantastic for travel idea right right so the thing we want Israelis want to keep our kids created an inspired GAAP. I'm so maybe even a peninsula coloring box or some crayons but we also have his great little mini bloke who's out so kids favorite characters you get to collar. Okay when you're done coloring when you're done coloring their own in the washing machine taking out. It comes out like nanny good to start all over again that's fantastic yet and they do it different you wash and wash right out yeah I think it'll get on the car seats they rub off it'll rub off running right off the numbers to cry out I now right yeah. It's spring time we do you want those kids outside playing. These are watchable sidewalk chalk paint markers at the little water shake it up and go outside and play that's fantastic hours of five hours of fine how well Lori thank you so much creative ideas and for more information all these Tway ideas check our website. WNN fans dot com we'll be right back you're watching we'll lose out.

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{"id":30023699,"title":"The Sweetest Easter Treats","duration":"3:58","description":"Insider Mom Laurie Schacht has the cutest toys and treats for your Easter basket.","url":"/WNN/video/sweetest-easter-treats-30023699","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}