Synagogue shooter is in custody

Officials plan to question Robert Bowers on his anti-Semitic background and what led to the shooting. ABC News Contributor and former FBI Special Agent Steve Gomez breaks it down.
2:38 | 10/29/18

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Transcript for Synagogue shooter is in custody
And even though officials have a suspect in custody there are still many questions ABC news contributor Steve Gomez says most of them center around. Who was the suspect and why he may have done. Well be law enforcement agencies are looking at his background. They are really got to dive into. What has led to his radicalization I mean essentially he was filled with so much hate. He was anti Semitic for law enforcement in the FBI they want to know what leads a person down that path not would you commit violence. But to where they become so engrossed in this anti semantic and violent behavior how were they going to stop this. From happening in the future. You're just mentioning the radicalization I'll look into we know that they immediately started scrubbing his social media pages his online presence is there are some kind of connection here to. Online hate groups their possibly is. I mean it appears they he is espousing all of this rhetoric they're going to be supporters and affiliates. Of that rhetoric there are a number of groups that are out there. That also sponsor that kind of rhetoric and that ideology. He may or may not be officially or unofficially part of those types of groups they're going to look into that and then of course they're gonna wanna see. Who were any of these associates of those groups that were maybe communicating with them where they align our they think you thinking about similar types of violent activity. But they do believe that this guy is probably acted alone and didn't have any sort of of the pipa that he was talking with the right it does appear that he was acting alone. But they're not gonna take that for granite because you may have somebody who's part of a group and they decide to commit an act on their own. But yet the group somehow has inspired them to go out and act. So it's a matter of did they act in concert with the group or on the -- and now you have the group that's out there maybe they're breeding other individuals that it will act alone as well. And we learned from authorities said he's now facing 29. Federal charges what do you tell us about he tells a little bit about those charges. And what they mean why they were chosen. Well in this case they are gonna throw the book at this individual so to speak. They're gonna make sure that every one of those firearms. Whichever one was used there's going to be a charge for that they're gonna look at all the hate crime. Your charges that they can bring to it bounces to bear you're talking about. Many individuals that were either killed or injured so you're gonna have those charges individually for each one of them and then you also have the they the police officers who were injured. And that is going to be. Another different set of charges that they are going to be able to file Steve Gomez in LA thank you.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Officials plan to question Robert Bowers on his anti-Semitic background and what led to the shooting. ABC News Contributor and former FBI Special Agent Steve Gomez breaks it down. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58821937","title":"Synagogue shooter is in custody","url":"/WNN/video/synagogue-shooter-custody-58821937"}