Taking it to the Streets

Angry Penn State students riot over Joe Paterno's firing.
2:40 | 11/10/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taking it to the Streets
2000 Penn State students flooded streets near campus. After that announcement to Joseph Paterno was no longer the head football coach there one of the acts of violence in the midst of all this the overturning of a TV station -- -- -- Students also. Threw rocks at reporter's -- and police. Well let's calm now but police remain on the scene ABC's Aaron -- -- -- phones in this report from downtown state college. Okay. Thousands of Penn State -- -- -- the street here in downtown state college Pennsylvania reacting angrily many of them -- to defeat didn't -- out. Long time football coach Joseph Paterno. If there's an iconic figure. And that's overshadowed rituals that have gone on developments -- -- -- dust is an edited August. It was it it's not exactly get all the -- much. The -- earlier had. That he wanted to retire on his own terms at the end of the season but university -- made clear that we're not going to happen. June is -- that football coach. Effective immediately. At City University because he made that decision that's -- an important. Thank you bill down in -- many carrying signs saying we love -- pot use -- beloved figure here on this campus or more than six dec. Kate in many students that it was unfair that he -- receive a phone call telling him not career was coming to an end. It is statement Joseph Paterno city disappointed but the board of Christie's decision but he did -- have to accept it. For the first time in 4050 years when he -- but Nebraska on Saturday at the cargo hold nothing on the hotline. Apparently there's the ABC news state college Pennsylvania. And that game Saturday -- -- the last home game of the season -- imagine the scene that will be yes is this weekend. Both small crowd of students -- gather outside of return -- house they chanted his name. And the -- along with his wife -- eventually emerged and spoke briefly to reporters. Get a good nicely. I study. We still -- things to do. Mad and it made. It home grown looming ahead of the hood -- -- made. Hey good yeah yeah -- an idea yeah. Thanks very good for good thank. It. -- Tom Bradley will serve as interim coach when Penn State host Nebraska in its final home game of the season on Saturday.

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{"id":14921620,"title":"Taking it to the Streets","duration":"2:40","description":"Angry Penn State students riot over Joe Paterno's firing.","url":"/WNN/video/taking-streets-14921620","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}