Team Along with 'Glamour' for Fashion Tips

ABC's Paula Faris checks out the fashion dos and don'ts for today's celebrities.
3:00 | 09/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Team Along with 'Glamour' for Fashion Tips
We'll Fashion Week may be over here in New York but fashion editors are just getting started as the hottest looks moved from the cat -- to all those. Glossy pages that we tag along with the team from glamour and -- that editors are just inspired by what they see on the runways they are also looking to the streets. -- -- springs has the story. New York Fashion Week. While most cameras were appointed as the catalogs glimmers of body -- has its trade on the crowds. All -- long. He capturing images produced and -- the magazine's most popular franchise. If you don't actually not only glamorous most popular franchise that really its most important ones in publishing. As long as the magazine itself which has more than seventy years. It's a simple idea show him with stylish women wearing what works and what does it. If you make the page you're either -- fashion do and which case you're a good. For a fashion don't and you end up covered with -- red and black bar. My favorites they're ready to address this is a -- really weren't expecting to see how and -- places. There's so many ways that can go horribly wrong and then a couple of ways that it can. In the evening and my right foot before fashion nieces and -- in print Ronnie finds them on street corners and the hottest fashion event capturing the -- Even before people knew they were trendy. They're doing the passengers and -- for glamour for. About thirteen years now going on fourteen. And it's a lot of fun so what's hot this fall. It is like little things here near that I think -- -- are the trends of the year and haven't seen so much assistance. It's an eleven -- on people. A lot of big necklaces. Also according to glamour it's bright colors and tights. But be careful how you Wear them because those glamorous style shutter bugs are on the look at stick out everywhere. You never know where could be in New York. So what's. -- fairness ABC news New York. I grew up in new York and I. The thought of being the fashion don't don't think black. Are you -- right across your face and others like -- horrifying to me now someone like you will never be a fashion don't cinemanow we have to let you hear that guy why don't you. You know what I see. -- -- -- Yeah. You know what -- it's doable things. That some connections -- She's sexy Smart. And you just different time I had seen I'm. It on the side and they could help some people other than -- John was -- time so everything -- -- an -- -- you can clearly the center.

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{"id":17317235,"title":"Team Along with 'Glamour' for Fashion Tips","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Paula Faris checks out the fashion dos and don'ts for today's celebrities.","url":"/WNN/video/team-glamour-fashion-tips-17317235","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}