'Tebowing' Will Get Trademarked

A management firm is looking to trademark the term and act of "Tebowing."
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Transcript for 'Tebowing' Will Get Trademarked
Welcome back everybody to -- mix. And that's how they were doing and what I'm doing -- are you thinking here the thinker. They came close to close speaker and thinker Kellogg Tebow Tebow then got -- -- -- team. WB models say that now while it's still free -- get this big Mac has been consulting firm representing of course Tebow the back -- -- for the -- QB for. The jets has filed a claim to trademark their term and -- -- into this thing has been violently. Give thirty days to oppose it if you're so inclined if there's no opposition. Com or opposition is -- you know you know not credible or whatever by the Trademark Office then this company called XV enterprises will be given ownership. Of the term team -- and of course that is a firm owned by -- -- so a lot of. People -- you know who. Who lead this Texas thing but how about the guy that pack trademark that lets give greater Rome. Yeah multimillionaire. Actors because it. There's a lot of money already and everyone -- everyone knows what it is something. Trying to get his money you know Smart she can build a lot of time to what I formulate a business plan from the bench so I guess maybe he's he's doing his I -- known -- didn't -- That man Adam -- does that make that money. Now I am upset about this apparently. -- -- again and -- that pediatricians group has now claimed that organic fruits. And vegetables like you see here are no better for children these -- from the overnight connect ramadi get -- They -- the organic know what this is this isn't really really incredible. This this it echoes this this particular city also tackles a Stanford University study. Released last month that basically concludes. While eating organic fruits and vegetables of course can reduce pesticide exposure. Sometimes you know that the doesn't really matter sometimes the kids need the bad stuff. So this I think he did brilliance of -- they need the resistance have a town wasn't as good as he was little a lot of money along at all I don't yeah I always buy organic you know. And fruits and vegetables for my children. That's what some people call whole foods whole paycheck to -- over the lot of ways it very admitted he did. But I think now pesticides be better than pesticides out of -- to think -- -- -- Put all it's not to be at work some days you know I'd be able tired we'll sit down to -- -- the real. That whatever deal is -- some San Antonio woman to the to a whole new level she Victor -- abduction because she wanted. More cuts pension and also a day off for work. They found her -- my -- in the backseat of her car saying oh this guy took me. He -- on -- to make his drug deals. But in fact they found surveillance video -- gas station. Buying a lottery ticket withdrawing cash from AT and looking happy and safe -- -- doing -- -- wanted to do that. It's -- to that level. -- sure I'll have taken out like a normal person but I'm.

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{"id":17542443,"title":"'Tebowing' Will Get Trademarked","duration":"3:00","description":"A management firm is looking to trademark the term and act of \"Tebowing.\"","url":"/WNN/video/tebowing-trademarked-17542443","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}