Hi-Tech Gadgets for the Bicycle

At Gizmodo's "Home of the Future", ABC's Tina Trinh checks out the latest gadgets for bicycles.
2:18 | 05/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hi-Tech Gadgets for the Bicycle
May is national bike month and warm -- is a great excuse to get out and start telling us right now there are lots of -- -- that cannot -- not even better ride along with some high tech bells and whistles. Here's -- tech contributor Tina -- It's time to break out of sight and hearing in New York City we found some high tech upgrades or your attends -- Nowadays it's not just feet that are -- sites there's electricity -- -- We share with Eric -- has the company -- -- which is essentially a meal that turns your bike into an election night correct. All you do is basically remove their existing where we don't come installed open hey we'll download the app -- -- Smartphone join our. Community and you're able to start using the -- -- -- -- six modes and sinks with sensors in the wheeled to give you different levels of assistance. A rechargeable battery power is the motor inside. So and basically just gives your normal like -- of a Buddhist exactly make you feel stronger legs Hillsdale platter you know cities smaller and how about giving your iPhone of these right -- added. Adam is -- chargers to -- cycling into power for your phone. -- convert the momentum -- the ride. Almost seamlessly to the rider into usable power on the USP platforms so insanely as you would charge. IPhone GPS go throw any of those you can now charged directly from you by about twenty minutes of writing gives you as 20% charged. Once the sun goes down it can be hard for motorists to spot cyclists and that's why can't bring -- bitch created regal life. The greens at LED lights attached to the -- it -- creating -- -- -- and insure he'll never become a blind spot they last about four hours. And there's a small USB rechargeable little battery pack that amounts in your -- -- pop it off but -- computer in charge and up. -- added bonus they look pretty often in the dark. With all this high tech gear it's easy to see why this summer -- -- on two wheels is the way to go teenager and ABC news New York. Nice I want to the beach yeah right let's look like Christmas on -- but they really are you like her. I'm not and I my wife -- one -- I went out to go look for one last tonight attends the it was years ago. 200 bucks apparently the -- a lot higher. No want to join -- like a minute ago that we can turn your -- apparently that are out. -- -- --

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{"id":23878239,"title":"Hi-Tech Gadgets for the Bicycle","duration":"2:18","description":"At Gizmodo's \"Home of the Future\", ABC's Tina Trinh checks out the latest gadgets for bicycles.","url":"/WNN/video/tech-gadgets-bicycle-23878239","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}