Tech Toys at Toy Fair 2012

Dick DeBartolo reviews high tech toys at the NY Toy Fair.
3:45 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Tech Toys at Toy Fair 2012
We need a new round I hit that -- parabolic. The committee did -- mention the toy industry's biggest a man of the year yesterday the American international toy fair is now all done here in the Big Apple. It was fun while laps in before they close the doors are. He's -- -- DeBartolo had to check it out. They heard of the Jolly Green Giant this is the jolly Green letting go can you believe this guy if the hundred ninth toy fair. We're gonna look around and find new stuff. At toy fair we want total nine. -- a big trendy toy fair thing moves that glow in that -- are now over here I'm going to show you something need it looks like an appliance. What it is the Digital Life design. From -- -- it's gonna be under fifteen dollars and it's coming in September. You know sometimes -- just want to get down and get funky. This is this go -- He's coming in the fall and he's going to be on their -- people. -- -- -- This is -- I -- not interested in. -- -- -- I just saw my picture. What if this is our photo fashion party got tickets -- -- fired and digital camera and why Powell how many pictures can she still alive I'm hundred pictures and you can customize those pictures with fifteen preloaded graphics and can you upload the more they stay in -- of course you can -- -- -- your computer without paying. USB cable you like that. Hey this -- -- tracks this one best boy toy of 2011. You know you don't have room in the living room for -- This whole thing hangs on the -- so now the cars go off an elevator. -- -- -- These cards jumping this track there -- that thought here that could cut you off now the very very basic -- -- that under forty dollars. Still there it is Walt tracks it's a fall release. You've heard of the generation gap -- -- toy fair that something called generation. At. Where toys and apps are meeting -- -- affinity and this is an at trinity toll this is apt to arrive. Tell you know you can play these games on your iPod or your android. But now with the steering wheel you get a much better effective driving and the neat thing -- this is going to be under twenty blocks. You supply your own digital device. -- it'll be out in the formal -- is more than just toys it polite fans there is -- -- little -- A look at business is really amazing so -- little guy at least 26 pounds -- -- for two hours. And you can get a couple of hours of -- out of that and it's seventeen. 109. -- five dollars. On one show I didn't go fifteen to twenty miles an hour and a top speed is ten miles. Now I would ride one home but I prefer. Not ending up in the hospital this -- -- called -- crazy it's on the twenty box you comes with special Paper. That you draw are on that's mean my mustache my eyes my mouth. It's pretty nifty kids really will love it became until the kids -- -- -- world. News. Now. Nicely done men who -- things kids -- -- -- was -- -- connect toward paying back in the day that as a write in lane looked just like him to admit that. Little girls -- little -- Good stuff.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Dick DeBartolo reviews high tech toys at the NY Toy Fair.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15670725","title":"Tech Toys at Toy Fair 2012","url":"/WNN/video/tech-toys-toy-fair-2012-15670725"}