Teen girl arrested after crashing stolen plane

Her mother says she can’t even drive a car. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports.
1:31 | 12/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen girl arrested after crashing stolen plane
Now to the seventeen year old girl under arrest accused of stealing a plane then crashing it. It was all caught on surveillance video at a California airport now investigators are trying to determine how someone who can't even drive a car. Was able to start a plane. This morning an investigation is underway in California. Where police say a teenager somehow popped at airports barb wire fence and stole a plane. That building and. Sorters video shows the million dollar aircraft pulling a U turn or Fresno Yosemite international airport. Before crashing into a fence and building police say the seventeen year old girl managed to start one and Jan. And get the plane moving despite not even knowing how to drive a car seat aircraft never became airborne. And there was no fire but the crash did cause substantial damage to the plane and meet its building. The aircraft began to lose. And pitted and crashed into a building in the fence on airport property. Authorities say the teen found by police sitting in the pilot's seat and wearing the pilots have said seemed disoriented and had resisted arrest. The Fresno international airport. Is currently working with the FAA the FBI and other authorities to investigate this incident. A motive is unclear but terrorism is not suspected authorities say the plane never took off and no commercial flights were ever endanger the big question now is how does she know how to start the plane. Experts say she has to have some understandings of how planes work. And the teen's mother says her daughter ran away from home earlier this week and this was the first time she's seen her in case.

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{"duration":"1:31","description":"Her mother says she can’t even drive a car. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67821564","title":"Teen girl arrested after crashing stolen plane","url":"/WNN/video/teen-girl-arrested-crashing-stolen-plane-67821564"}