Four in Ten Americans are Clinically Obese

Mississippi is the fattest state with 36 percent overweight while Colorado is the slimmest state.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for Four in Ten Americans are Clinically Obese
I thought the -- -- -- chips. -- -- -- Come on -- -- beautiful you are part of the problem is a serious problem actually those -- I'll tell you all about it nearly four in ten Americans as clinically obese. And -- put out -- get set up there. They put out of Matt Matt Matt -- them seriously -- -- idea how the country breaks down take a look at that. Mississippi is officially the about a station. Minutes that that is skewed in any state in the nation with 36% of the president's -- happy enough fat happy and got -- -- that avenue flagship. The slimmest state what would you guess -- yes. Colorado Keller at a 21 yeah. That people are on he'll be there -- so you know I guess a lot of hiking and -- out -- it's -- it's all about team -- obesity epidemic continues more than a third of the population twelve US states qualifier but thirty states the highest obesity rates 26 in the midwest and south. Much of -- -- states are here on the East Coast including New York Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. Time that no team. 211 reason to you talk to everybody here -- a lot of -- had daily dose of chocolate according to analyst -- -- come and and you get. Nearly -- -- in what exactly isn't -- tegra two anyway let's actually get to the into the nuts and bolts and the chocolate of this -- -- its new study out found. It -- tested about 98 seven years and older they gave them high and medium and a low dose. Chocolate and those that were giving high given -- high for eight median dose tested Patterson actually look at the Coco little bit of chocolate. Maybe a little bit and you get. Before every day is there anything chocolate can't cure and that moderation of course who is not the bag of potato chips I'm -- will actually help -- Can actually -- into the body. Next one yet expression you can -- a broken heart. Or that you really can't -- yet scientists now say that -- bereavement can trigger specific type of heart attack. Very different from these unhealthy heart attacks like from chocolate and chips -- -- -- any broken heart syndrome enjoy it just. Enjoy a solid the bottom part six suddenly starts -- The bottom of your heart starts balloon and its ought to be able to pump the blood around your body -- this all comes from beaver re. The lack of oxygenated blood reaching the rest of the body and -- causes restlessness pain. And loss of consciousness and -- can result in deaths -- you hear about these stories all the time somebody passes away they've been together for so long and the other person passes away. You -- -- broken heart extra. My cat and dog were together forever while they died within six months of each other don't get. Real quick talking Miriam Webster's collegiate dictionary today's release of a hundred new additions every year this year -- -- sectarian of these synthetic. And -- energy drinks. Life coach. And finally. -- what does it mean by the left -- and a. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":16999769,"title":"Four in Ten Americans are Clinically Obese","duration":"3:00","description":"Mississippi is the fattest state with 36 percent overweight while Colorado is the slimmest state.","url":"/WNN/video/ten-americans-clinically-obese-16999769","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}