Thanksgiving Day Balloon Parade Preview

Get a sneak peek at the new balloons debuting at this year's Macy's parade.
2:52 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Thanksgiving Day Balloon Parade Preview
-- a half million people are pouring in the Manhattan today and check out the biggest Thanksgiving parade ended at -- some early birds -- sneak -- last -- as dozens of giant balloons were inflated. For the world famous. Macy's Thanksgiving Day -- -- if I checked it out with my children. Take a look at any of the company it is. He got quite a party going on -- This isn't fantastic artist in nearly a million people want to see in Macy's Thanksgiving break and -- my goodness we'll tell me how many balloons do you. We haven't got it -- -- sleep on medium size balloons that would be out. Ordinarily aren't anybody else crying and we have sixteen tonight and again here tomorrow -- tell me are there are some new balloons. I'm about I'm -- -- am curious once we got sonic hedgehog. He got caught frank sock monkeys and flying his name is -- and it -- -- not in the -- And eat great director Tim Burton's nightmare lives in line to reduce your -- his -- and he's really kind of awkward looking very sweet looking. Please if he's made from old party balloons. And I always feel that. In the region. -- -- Yes I love that she didn't yeah. Meetings in Union City police and -- in his -- -- How long this takes a big blow. Harold policemen. Well yeah we -- want him immediately we actually pulling him. Elaine and I hope I'm yeah. Smaller -- I you chambers. Yeah perfectly healthy take -- an -- to do. -- how deep the wounds of losing huge they're up to sixty feet long and -- -- -- influence is bigger and bigger. On. Congress. To good growth very good question Israel and -- Read them. Any other questions. -- and you. Coming -- -- it -- in the it's certainly -- -- -- -- -- -- Helium rising in the air and sometimes it's. -- you. Well thank you so and I am happy Thanksgiving -- happy Thanksgiving to you.

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{"id":15022927,"title":"Thanksgiving Day Balloon Parade Preview","duration":"2:52","description":"Get a sneak peek at the new balloons debuting at this year's Macy's parade.","url":"/WNN/video/thanksgiving-day-balloon-parade-preview-15022927","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}