'The Grey': Review

Jackie Fernandez of "World News Now" reviews the Liam Neeson thriller.
2:56 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for 'The Grey': Review
Now half hour as a result they're the grain whether human to beast in the box office this weekend repeatedly and Meserve and they act of gray wolves in the frigid wilderness. -- -- So our DNA digital news associate Jackie Fernandez joined the -- -- the movie this weekend Jack need to high way and leave you out in the -- -- -- -- -- giving out in the cold and you this movie is not a happy go lucky film by any means but it doesn't bring back the art of filmmaking and acting because leasing is incredible so he plays this character who works on an Alaskan oil -- -- They're going -- the returning back home and the plane does crash is in the middle of nowhere so him and the survivors are forced to. -- the Alaskan wilderness and it doesn't help that a pack of wolves is trying to kill them every moment. So this movie -- number was number one in the box office so let's take us into some moviegoers who helped get it there. -- -- -- -- -- -- I was really didn't need any kind of disappointing. A little more simple hard and -- Residents in the a thoughtful piece I enjoyed it for -- age related -- it was not a happy let me. To stay with the. Some of them movie critics -- -- that they were fearful will be for the settlement but they were after. It's sure this movie the wolves -- so -- -- so scary that their eyes glow in the dark this isn't like your twilight -- that are totally crappy and this is like. Real -- that looks so scary and you are I was literally at the edge of my -- throughout this whole movie it's a -- a horror film an action film but it's also really dark and -- because it's an existential thriller. Like the last guys that you really forced to feel like -- -- if you had to survive -- do it or would you just one and died there at the airplane -- -- -- life. Knowing that you're gonna die anyway it's not like a lord of the flies -- you know until of the department's argument. I'm giving it four out of five stars with a beautiful film we Neeson deserves some award recognition that's -- -- agree that. Distributors are going to be released -- in October to try to get him some. -- -- He was so good and it and it's really beautifully shot acted directed and written. That -- and -- she could see at this weekend I think usually Garcia now. -- -- -- -- three way date but if you go see it Daytona and after the credits to their surprise there really yeah yeah yeah.

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{"id":15470148,"title":"'The Grey': Review","duration":"2:56","description":"Jackie Fernandez of \"World News Now\" reviews the Liam Neeson thriller.","url":"/WNN/video/the-grey-movie-review-15470148","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}