'The Iron Lady': Review

Digital News Associate Jayce Henderson reviews the Meryl Streep film.
2:55 | 01/02/12

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Transcript for 'The Iron Lady': Review
But now that go with the all the girls I've loved before segment -- the -- -- -- theater that I -- Just saw nothing isn't possible for Mission Impossible it is back in the top spot at the box on the scene that one Merrill street's latest film iron lady had a pretty impressive opening this weekend but. Only -- four theaters in new York and Los Angeles Times. Digital music Cynthia Jason Henderson also known as our DNA. Side winning -- -- -- -- -- rest assured in this movie will be open -- open everywhere this coming weekend so everyone Oxley get a chance to see it. Then after that ever going to actually start making their bats about who they think are going to be the top winners for the Academy Awards. I personally think that Meryl Streep will win best actress for this -- that was absolutely awesome her acting was superb -- -- -- -- the and I really think that that's because it -- she treated this -- very personal issue for trades. The first and only woman to become prime minister of the United Kingdom. And -- during a time in England with starving for any voice to leave them she reclaimed Burton's name in the world entitled -- -- as one of the century's most famous and influential women. Known for her very conservative views and parliament she was given the name iron lady. -- some critics believe Merrill -- didn't convey enough of that tone -- let's see if some moviegoers agreed or disagreed. I really think they did have a wonderful job in. For change -- everything happens again. I didn't -- so personally lives her life. I've looked at our -- so broken hearted. Boston -- so complicated so determined to contact the family -- Did write letters to the moms. Every. The first ten to fifteen minutes unnecessarily he has spent time and apparently -- days. And -- this is spinning off -- what he was just saying the one thing about this film I didn't really liked was that it actually tells the story from doctors life later on which is suffering from dementia. And so it's it's sort of disheartening because she's such -- influential woman. That you know you're very you know empowered by the -- and what was going on but then there -- these flashbacks -- her. And you know today's world weariness is actually suffering from the settlement easier -- Powerful and -- -- -- he Tom -- -- you know besides that I saw it gave us phone four out of five stars I really think that it's a great film -- want to see it's an excellent depiction of history at that time and you're predicting Oscar gold yes I -- from history yes. And get a large butter popcorn that contact. How about some popcorn look at Cadillac you're already back at that -- -- this half -- Little Falls on FaceBook and W and fans dot com.

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{"id":15272602,"title":"'The Iron Lady': Review","duration":"2:55","description":"Digital News Associate Jayce Henderson reviews the Meryl Streep film.","url":"/WNN/video/the-iron-lady-movie-review-15272602","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}