'The Lorax': Review

Jayce Henderson of "World News Now" reviews the Dr. Seuss film.
2:56 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for 'The Lorax': Review
He thought Clinton and of that and I didn't live. -- -- -- Finally this half I don't know -- actually event. As we just showed you the big screen -- -- version of -- Dr. Seuss story no more -- brought in seventy million. Chain. But is it worth your time and your live we sent digital music -- Henderson to be a test which they. Well I'm so glad this movie actually rocked the box office seventy million dollars. This weekend and I'm -- I'm from -- because I. You know are brought a lot of different critical reviews and Los Angeles Times and there's a lot of adults who saw the film and really this film is all about the kids vs you know whether they liked it indeed did the kids loved it did a lot of the adults didn't like it. And this is not necessarily like you know like oblivion when you mean -- early start -- But this news. Our entire gambling. And -- -- beautifully enemy and has a great message for kids are kids are just the importance. Preserving life -- partner a lot of the big name stars were voices in this film we're beginning to gain an appraisal or act -- Acronis -- Betty White Taylor -- for also voices. Has found. But you know what I really think that the reviews just have to come from the kids themselves excellence take a listen. The. I thought -- was -- accusing I've ever seen. You know what about you and then resilient move. -- Did my character was your most favorite so that they did you like the movie more deal like the book more. Family I won't. What I. -- he thought. -- -- -- -- I. Don't. Don't it's -- And don't ever let. You can attack the answer is changing because -- -- -- -- pay. She -- actually ran out. -- doesn't mean anything yeah. Its earnings and we actually passed a little -- data size Jessica and send news or daughters of -- our staff members transshipment. Crowd but I think they should be you know I totally agree with these little girls as videos on -- semi I -- -- four out of five stars -- So I'm -- and I know doctors is holding deputies found him. He we have some criticism though some political undercurrents of the movie environmental sudden you get paid a woman lover you know I actually write a very interesting note just about the fact that and the film sort of supporting some sponsors -- not -- down. They don't have products that are eco friendly. This yeah. Seek out we'll check it out popcorn but -- and -- of the -- we'll be right back.

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{"id":15847956,"title":"'The Lorax': Review","duration":"2:56","description":"Jayce Henderson of \"World News Now\" reviews the Dr. Seuss film.","url":"/WNN/video/the-lorax-movie-review-15847956","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}