'The Muppets': Review

Digital news associate Jackie Fernandez reviews the Disney comedy.
2:44 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for 'The Muppets': Review
Their own world news now let -- -- -- insomniac meter has just solve Muppets which came in second to -- Man -- in the box office over the week you. Only fans saying about our fellow very Disney is to prevent a quick thought compact -- and -- associate Jackie Fernandez big. I don't know you met -- of my friend. Movie little guy yeah. This movie was so great hasn't all star cast and Jason Segal Amy Adams and -- -- that they walk there and this is his friend. They actually they've learned that the -- -- going to be destroyed by an oil -- today reunite all the Muppets in order to save it so we haven't seen them -- -- in the years. So you get to see it's kind of like the where are they now must expedition EC -- as he volume and raven. This is a really great movie it's heartwarming and all the people that I sought in the theater with. Agree let's take note that. Excuse us. C -- in all the wrong. They named the best friend noticed that there isn't here and I'm laughing hysterically Imus didn't receive a candidate who now much expectation and counselor. I was completely -- exercising its right. Getting into music. Very -- he -- CNN Atlanta. Yes and that -- bad. She did not know the -- she's not -- and she loved the movie she -- -- that theater singing -- hee-seop. So you're not a fan of the Muppets are going to enjoy this movie because it's just so sweet. So because of that I'm giving this movie three and a half stars out of five it's a solid sound great writing it self deprecating humor is funny the musicals are great -- -- the time battle over the budget supposed to talk to rule exists. Only had not exactly -- little kids -- -- so yes I noticed in the theater there's way more adults than children because it's not really geared towards children it's geared towards the people who are original fans and that's. People from the eighties and on year to 300 jobs 1000 hold -- -- yeah yeah have you gotten me. But honestly -- -- -- we were talking before if you want to bring your kids to this they'll enjoy EC you know like Selena Gomez and it. That kid from -- family nannies. There needs to -- -- the little freshness to use something I'm going to benefit package that he sold you your your regularly ago when permanent disability. It is like a real problems it created you know yes buffalo back to the palace and a -- Hulu friends -- -- It's in my mouth and -- --

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{"id":15039866,"title":"'The Muppets': Review","duration":"2:44","description":"Digital news associate Jackie Fernandez reviews the Disney comedy.","url":"/WNN/video/the-muppets-movie-review-15039866","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}