'The Watch': Review

Amanda VanAllen reviews the Ben Stiller action-comedy film.
2:47 | 07/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Watch': Review
-- And that they learned he was -- -- I -- last night you. -- Minutes you did that he's usually don't -- -- Bob Ojeda AA it is time now for insomniacs. At best. New comedy starring Ben -- you should be anything -- Are trying to write its call the watch and not getting great reviews and snow is about to get another bad -- -- did you lose associate a -- -- an album was up for some laughs but the question is did you get any. Unfortunately I was staring at my watch the entire time our -- watched. The watch yes unfortunately very unfortunately I was bored during the entire movie don't get me wrong I love Ben Stiller I loved and Spock had about Jonah Hill. And I was like he had often -- he's got the together this going to be. So -- of the moments you. -- and then I went to the movies and I was born I was very upset now. Purpose of -- morning you know the animals -- -- Music yeah. Yeah Thomas though they did have promised -- if you look at the trailers you would like me. You -- Some and then I read other reviews nothing now we can't be happy it's it's probably still pretty good but then I want to repeat it. -- convicted the three funny scenes in the trailer that absolutely can't be happy. Live now -- and -- and yes and not the premise. And -- the premise of the movie really quickly these four guys they decide to make up a neighborhood watch just to get away from their wives and their everyday lives and they end up finding aliens. Obviously chemistry -- -- badly beaten but let's listen to -- some of our moviegoers got things Saturday look at. Eyewitness News is there are lots and religious -- he's very fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Memphis -- funny. Announcement hasn't during. They sent long battle through it one thing that I haven't Muslim Iran has already. Hey you know and -- -- this yeah. Davidson exhibit -- -- I don't look at one of those -- nobody wanted to talk to me after the movie was over I don't like the 9 o'clock out I gave it one. Well out of all. -- only reason that I gave it one sorry it was because everybody actors.

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{"id":16884872,"title":"'The Watch': Review","duration":"2:47","description":"Amanda VanAllen reviews the Ben Stiller action-comedy film.","url":"/WNN/video/the-watch-review-16884872","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}