Thousands of Maryland Residents Without Water

Water is off in a big part of Prince George's County as workers scramble to repair a water main.
2:12 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for Thousands of Maryland Residents Without Water
As temperatures rise thousands of people and Marilyn -- have to cope with this extreme heat without any running water. The water has been shot in a big section of Prince George's County. As workers scramble to repair a water main on the brink of rupturing the ABC's Devin Dwyer has more. It's the hottest heat wave of the summer but the real scorcher in Prince George's County Maryland is the loss of tap water. Looking at the electricity a month. But what you cannot -- don't want that so that was shut them off. Cathy Burnett east of garden -- to Cooper forty gallon recycling into the brand. She says pockets of the reserve water will help keep -- toilets flowing. My violates the one again -- time. The -- one Davenport to us in this horrible feeling that this. That's an Atlanta. As many as 200000. Residents in the suburb of the nation's capital could be without water for five days or more. The culprit a 54 inch water main that's about to burst officials warned residents to stockpile water before they turn off -- -- to make for. Payers get it now -- after -- and it's going to be. For the next twelve hours eighteen hours do something now what we want people to do is -- -- -- -- and and available containers -- tonight. -- -- or retired engineer. Is taking the advice and hoping that drain plug will hold. -- meanwhile bottled water is flying off store shelves by the truckloads some good samaritans are promising to share their board. I hope that we keep our water but if we don't. -- if we don't have -- we want to be able to help not only -- families are our neighbors as well. County officials are opening cooling centers with showers and bathrooms tankers of water are also rolling through those neighborhoods. But some residents told us they just may use this water -- is as an excuse to hit the road. In head on vacation. Diane and rob. Thank -- I I support that vacations that are added that's how -- deal with its -- good idea so bad about us complain that they have no water down there admits -- hundred degrees.

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{"id":19684986,"title":"Thousands of Maryland Residents Without Water","duration":"2:12","description":"Water is off in a big part of Prince George's County as workers scramble to repair a water main.","url":"/WNN/video/thousands-maryland-residents-water-19684986","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}