Throwback Thursday: Celebrity Scandals

A look back at on the 20th anniversary of the Hugh Grant prostitute scandal.
4:10 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Celebrity Scandals
Back to -- back Thursday this week we're spotlighting some -- the most infamous celebrity scandals starting off with an anniversary it was on this -- nineteen years ago. That Hugh Grant appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay -- speaking out publicly for the first time after being arrested. The Hollywood prostitute -- -- put it bluntly. What the hell -- you think. And I did a bad thing that they have it. An area happened in the that's down forty -- raiding the breakfast prayed for owning up to it had actually apologizing for his. -- and -- pled no contest to the charges he paid a fine you received probation. Before it was not a big mojo boy things happen and if so cleanly for director Woody Allen that's right Allen made headlines back in 1992 when his romantic relationship with 21 year old soon Yi -- came to life. The -- he is the adopted daughter of his longtime partner Mia Farrow. The couple had been married has been married for seventeen years now. More recently Allen has been accused of molesting his adopted dollar Dillon a police investigation of the allegations however -- -- with no charges filed against him. And then let's dial back the clock now to 2004. And the release of one of the most notorious sex tapes have -- Boy who could forget Paris Hilton head recording -- late night romp with then boyfriend Rick Solomon. So steamy. We can't even show you -- the -- to -- the little known socialite and heiress to celebrity status kick starting her career as a reality star singer and model. Another -- -- too steamy for TV that 1988 recording up 24 year old Rob Lowe. Having sex with two women one of -- only sixteen. They were -- -- low the night before the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta and while lowest campaigning for Michael Dukakis of the time luckily for low. The age of consent in Georgia sixteen. It wasn't a sex tape -- a sting that ending the career of comedian Paul Rubens Alter ego Pee-Wee Herman. -- in July 1991 Rubin was found in Sarasota -- from master -- an adult theater. Rubin and his character were publicly ridiculed. Many artists however came to his defense including Cyndi Lauper and that -- -- cello -- Tug of war heating Bill Cosby. And another Hollywood scandal was born of -- tragedy actress Natalie Natalie Wood drowned in November of 1981. During the weekend boat trip with her husband Robert Wagner. And fellow actor Christopher -- Would rose to -- at the age of nine and in the 1947. Christmas classic miracle on 34 street. Whenever crowning achievements though was as Maria in West Side Story. Yeah. -- you mom. And -- it was just don't. The circumstances surrounding -- death are still a mystery and -- more. Than thirty years her husband Robert Wagner has remained under a cloud of suspicion an actor in his own right he's best known by generation actors from his TV crime drama. It was later determined -- wood and Wagner had a fight the night she died and there were bruises on her body from before she drowned but still nothing conclusive and. And last but not least and not so quite not quite so tragic but definitely hard to listen to. Roseanne Barr butchering the National Anthem before that San Diego Padres game back in 1990. Okay. -- -- even had a nice crude gesture for the fans booing her at the very end -- bar. Later claimed she was singing at loudly as he could because you haven't public Healy herself. -- -- sounds. And that's it for this leaves the robot Thursday.

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{"id":24500416,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Celebrity Scandals","duration":"4:10","description":"A look back at on the 20th anniversary of the Hugh Grant prostitute scandal.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-celebrity-scandals-24500416","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}