Throwback Thursday: The Day Liquor Flowed Again

Celebrating 80 years since the end of prohibition and the movies that tackled the subject.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: The Day Liquor Flowed Again
Believes. -- -- being monotonous now -- back closing in this morning we are looking back to this day December 5. 1933 that's that we were in the grips of the Great Depression FDR was president -- Ellington as a -- -- the radio and the drinks we'll finally flowing blatantly -- once I get you appropriately like yourself should not be -- -- probably not -- Hendrick Camp -- apple -- Jenkins thirty goodness centric and months. -- -- Isn't exactly eighty years ago today that prohibition the thirteen year ban on alcohol. And that's a movement to pass the hotly debated eighteenth amendment to ban alcohol was led by rule Protestants who sought as a victory for public health and morals. But during its thirteen year run the wall was widely ignored. Most famously they -- of Patrick Kennedy father of the late president John F. Kennedy who amassed a fortune in -- and yet he made even more money. After the -- First Amendment was repealed. Which -- exclusive distribution rights a Scottish whisky town one of the unintended consequence. Permission by the way a black market that it created and the rise of organized crime syndicate led by criminal icons like Al Capone. Homeless some people -- performance is safe but that man in jail what does he think he is doing. What I hope ongoing and is -- newspapers got a point in his. I'm responding to will of the people my first -- If we're gonna -- you're -- -- and I know that we all know that normally do is act on that. Great movie another classic film that dealt with -- -- like -- hot -- screen legend Marilyn Monroe was caught red handed with -- didn't -- Terribly sorry. For kids can't fix if you don't have. Tell -- -- -- who -- what -- kick Catholic and and -- Kennedy wasn't the only one amassing a fortune in bootlegging during the band's entire industry was built on that -- -- and signs in that this year but of The Great Gatsby. It can't. Repeat the past. Can't repeat to pass. -- Of course. Obesity I don't support some prohibition fun facts speak -- -- those illegal -- -- still serve the drinks they got their name from bartenders telling -- to quote. Sleep easy and watering the -- and suddenly hear it upstairs. -- good morning staging an amendment is the only constitutional amendment by the way that has ever been repealed in the history of the United States. Testing shackles that Stuart -- was the first. Illegal whiskey to arrive in the United States and is distributed exclusively by Joseph Kennedy -- -- -- the New York city's South Street Seaport -- The moment. In other words against them they wouldn't -- sorority you're in your heart and still have a regulatory a lot of people who suggested waiting to pick out there there and you're -- All right well to honor their view of the 21 amendment many Kurdish celebrations kicked off at 9 PM that's happening tonight that also happens to be the 21 hour of the day. Of course we ask you how bad injury as responsibly. Shot of apple -- shot that was James Brown -- you know what I saw does that sound is still happening how okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cheers.

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{"id":21106527,"title":"Throwback Thursday: The Day Liquor Flowed Again","duration":"3:00","description":"Celebrating 80 years since the end of prohibition and the movies that tackled the subject.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-day-liquor-flowed-21106527","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}