Throwback Thursday: Great Foods of Yesteryear

Crystal Pepsi, Chef Boyardee's Meatball Stew and Keebler Tator Skins are remembered.
2:39 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Great Foods of Yesteryear
It's time snapped right back there is today and a look back at -- styles and the downright. That's right this morning we're focusing on foods that many of -- -- that you just can't -- -- First woman start out with a snack food that we probably all recognized it was -- As of may when -- and skin Vladimir Putin the Keebler elves make hate us with a real potatoes and real potatoes can just run labor with all night but -- don't be -- season -- -- In the past people and answered by the way to the Pringles which still reign supreme by the way and by the way no dark side really on that it was not -- -- -- by the way the only reason -- reading. This brings still standing yes awesome potato skins don't exist are gonna get -- serious competitions that he. Ames nothing of what they appeared to be parody involved still avoiding the label promise that please tell me involved in every single -- Unfortunately it was never clear on what was in those me while I still don't know what's inside those well meatballs is not something market. Like the -- the better I think. Next we all know that -- -- was a -- that -- -- in 2000 when Heinz introduced this product we'll catch you remember that idea and others crazy colors -- the time with the first Shrek movie. Behind -- all 25 million bottles of this kids lost interest. Yeah yeah. Another -- that didn't last very long what's clear colored foods a threat in 1992 Pepsi introduced Crystal Pepsi -- -- clear this was equated with purity and how well this is also equated with plummeting outlasting left. That -- year plant plant. We go to another one a movie tie in here high C starting to do -- orange tangerine flavored fluorescent green -- in a nod to the slimy green at the plant and ghost. In ghostbusters absolutely nothing natural and that. You're enjoying some Hamas which is now. This is this is our answer to -- who probably and we got some vitamin C a 100% chance that I don't drink over the green stuff are right and who can forget the east bay -- disclose. And vitamins and iron and vitamin -- About a mile away from the -- away. Actually that it was healthy how close were discontinued for years. We've got some good news there back binds this is not how this is talk between he called a dreamy -- Just being away now we -- the request of the day folks are FaceBook question of the day. What food products taken off the market shelves do you miss the most. Log on our FaceBook page W and and fans dot com and let us know what you think the answer is the home home from the -- Kenneth -- house. -- --

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{"id":20812694,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Great Foods of Yesteryear","duration":"2:39","description":"Crystal Pepsi, Chef Boyardee's Meatball Stew and Keebler Tator Skins are remembered.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-great-foods-yesteryear-20812694","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}