Throwback Thursday: Hawaiian Style

John Muller and Diana Perez take a closer look at America's 50th state.
4:30 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Hawaiian Style
Okay. I'm scared he's really strong by the way it's my fifth might. And dancing and I'm telling you almost feel that it -- -- that -- around. They put a little green guy in here is on the I felt like Thursday we're going to watch -- -- didn't this week back in 1959 that it became America's. Fiftieth state in the union that seem perfect climate and Agile nudie. You might think Hawaii as the icing on the American. Yes there's a -- we don't know why. There's a lot we don't -- -- a couple of fun facts that we want to assure you about the middle class standard personal history Hawaii is the only state to honor -- not. King commit -- and he united Hawaii as a single nation back in -- -- -- -- -- -- that Hawaiian identity however his followers eventually kill the European explorer. Captain James Cook school of the native culture is still there are strong in Hawaii it is the only American states -- -- official languages English line. Pigeons at all and target are also spoke in the air and there are also -- racial minorities in the -- really diverse why he's still growing because of volcanic activity there are five active volcanoes in the state. The busiest being Kim away astronauts train on Hawaii's lava fields did you notice I don't because they resemble the -- in the -- That actually makes a lot of and its soul searching was invented in Hawaii by the polish agents is settled there are thousands of years ago. Their first surf -- by the way way more than a 150 -- coach and they measured up to twenty feet that's. Pretty huge like a little book I have no idea how -- if they don't know how did they make these. -- think the global Hawaii's when he 400 -- away from Los Angeles and. Actually is the most southern most Americans state has its own time zone does not observe daylight savings time. I'm jealous -- Alexis Scott. True terrorism is alive biggest industry but who wouldn't want a vacation home there I -- -- I won't plenty of celebrities who have the money to do it. Do it including Oprah Clint Eastwood Woody Harrelson and going now saying. And C title they'll get an invite some day. The checks in the mail right insomniac friends may be adjusted to know that Hawaii is the only state to grow coffee because it has that tropical rainforest. Kona coffee is one of the most expensive in the world -- -- -- Don't like -- had and I got to named Conan was at my Iran first and nicely. All of that originally a former warship performed by highly trained men but -- -- -- roughly means a -- on bended knee. Time Hawaii captured the American imagination when it became a state. Why Hollywood caught the fever back in 1961 they released this -- Okay. Danielle -- me because. There is and why -- why did you think comedy that critics didn't think too much of it but it didn't finish ten. The box office -- don't -- yourself thousands and it. Back in 1972 the Brady Bunch when Hawaiian unseasonable warm Mike Brady was cents an ounce to -- on the construction project and was -- Or let's take his family member this -- -- -- yeah. Again David what they call it pool of Moscow -- -- -- the global icon. Yeah. You figure out that -- make I don't know -- we'll show airs every episode centered on the -- trip the introduced the American audience to also finds. And the wonders that we ultimately drop in the -- in the woods and did some nice and -- you know. Lift -- -- -- you know you wanna dance moves to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's this evening good music like me here you'll know what in this Phillips. So cool he couldn't get -- murder one. -- -- the longest running a stop on TV until line in order came along it aired from. 1968 to 1980. Was like I sat down tobacco brand manulife -- though it didn't. Season and had a nice time doing a little -- -- celebration. Now and then be right back there we'll obviously -- -- -- -- blue blue moon and news do. We --

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{"id":20033843,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Hawaiian Style","duration":"4:30","description":"John Muller and Diana Perez take a closer look at America's 50th state.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-hawaiian-style-20033843","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}