Throwback Thursday: Spring Inspires Great Music

With the vernal equinox about to hit, some great songs were inspired by spring.
3:00 | 03/20/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Spring Inspires Great Music
-- Just not really get up -- right. That there -- everybody and his today we've been waiting for what seems like forever how. Yes spring has sprung -- -- including that means. -- excellent games. And most importantly warmer temperature in the. Today march 20 at 12:57. PM but who's counting the song won't cross directly over the Earth's equator. That is the moment that is known as the moon equinox here in Northern Hemisphere. Equinox means equal night said today at night and day or just about eat walk all over the -- -- -- spring fever isn't just met by the way the body can. -- actually change this time of year. Thanks to warmer temperatures and a different side. And flowers aren't the only things that grown children actually grow faster in the spring than any other -- the -- It seems incredible pride at the start of spring -- to be a little less bringing drugs like feel like singing possibly especially after the winter we had. -- -- -- unannounced visit that has inspired many as -- and here is one of our favorite. Now -- feels like to know Mel king I'm telling you weren't right. Springtime is all about new. New life and very often. He loved I'm nothing -- become bang. -- -- like. Nothing combined situation today like old movies. And I really is not -- -- -- -- -- In the -- Judy Garland and friends there they are moving balloons classic field -- the happiness musical ever made. An ankle where bettors can -- -- and -- -- this spring then. Countryside. And I love from 1986 when it Paltrow brought -- Jane Austen novel about a matchmaker to life. Great literature inside were -- just watching people enjoy outdoor activities on the sunny day light -- of course as time goes -- there's a new way to capture the winds that you. In springtime. A star studded cast -- in spring break -- is about -- college girls he's vacationed at an ugly turn after they turned to robbery to. Fund their fun. Right of course the real spring break doesn't always take that kind of term from the young people -- those warm weather destinations for much needed relief from the term papers in the. -- spring break has definitely gotten a bad rap in recent years sure there has blossomed to block jury about about one point five million college students. Participate every year yes. -- businesses clean up it's -- it's estimated to be a billion dollar a year industry can -- most popular destination. Don't -- Daytona Beach, Florida don't want to ask all right of course the best -- springtime of those little moments the ones we take for granted in mid April we're looking forward to -- Failure -- things to take notice -- over the next few weeks. First -- on the attack until there in London are slated to open up and sadly the first team lose their -- so many people plant those bulbs in the fall and waited all winter for them and now is the time to enjoy them. -- something -- here's something we don't. Dumb enough to join driving the windows and go to. -- of the AC look at breeze blow through your hair. -- and can't wait and how about spring rain and felt much better than snell and let the rain stopped cold rain. There's nothing you can only see this time a year. -- -- -- -- You forget about those -- Halloween that was -- the -- Leo Leo Leo takes the MDL and this is faced the question of the day norm not what's your favorite thing about spring. -- a lot of -- FaceBook page W and and fans dot com. And let us know -- of everything yes. I'm going to -- -- -- unless. Really early in my drug. OK yeah he's -- -- yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"With the vernal equinox about to hit, some great songs were inspired by spring.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22981280","title":"Throwback Thursday: Spring Inspires Great Music","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-spring-inspires-great-music-22981280"}