Tiger Woods ‘awake, responsive and recovering’

Surgeons operated on his right leg and ankle after yesterday’s car crash in California. ABC’s Kenneth Moton has the new details.
3:51 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for Tiger Woods ‘awake, responsive and recovering’
This morning new details about the injuries Tiger Woods suffered and that violent crash in Southern California overnight woods foundation put out a statement saying he's a week and responsive. But suffering from serious injuries including compound fractures to both upper and lower parts of his right leg which had a rod inserted. And a shattered foot and ankle are being held together with screws and pins. It's very fortunate that mr. whips out. Was able to credits deputy Carlos Gonzales was the first person on the scene he's as woods was lucid and calm and says words seatbelt likely saved his life. Nature of his vehicle fact that he was wearing a seat belt out I I would say that it greatly increased. The likelihood that it saved his life. Deputy Gonzales have spurs didn't recognize woods. I asked him what is minimized you told me his name is tiger at that moment I immediately recognized and woods with the only person in the vehicle when it crashed Tuesday morning south of LA. His SUV left mingled pepper rolling downhill multiple times traveling hundreds of feet. Rescuers used an ax to break through the windshield and three woods. No skid marks no break in so apparently the first contact was with the center median. And from there then across into the op opposing lane of traffic hit the curb hit a tree and there was several. Roll overs during that process. After medics rushed the 45 girl to the hospital a crane hoisted the SUV upright. On the vehicle side the worst Genesis invitational. A golf tournament was hosted last week he didn't play in the tournament because he's recovering from his fifth back surgery. Woods sing this on Sunday. Seven weeks from today final round of the masters. You going to be either. Scott also. I had to get their first you know like you a lot of it lot of space on an omen of our surgeons and my doctors my service. ESPN reports at the time of yesterday's crash woods was on his way to meet with an FO quarterbacks Drew Brees. Justin Herbert for TV issue. I say it. The goal he's not come to witty but obviously the come by with his guy right here man. The day before the crash works with on a golf course near the accident site giving importers to NBA star Dewayne wade. I picked up the golf club like Armenian a black community because the Tiger Woods you know to be out there wouldn't you know the goal. Overnight former President Obama tweeting here's to a speedy recovery for the goat of golf. It we've learned anything over the years is to never count tiger out former president trump award it was the presidential medal of freedom. Saying tiger will be back for many years was with the number one golfer in the world. Dominating the sport starting in 1997. When he won his first masters at east when he wine. Then a series of setbacks including two other vehicular investigations. The most notorious 2009 after Thanksgiving when his SUB ran over a fire hydrant hitting a tree outside his home in Central Florida. Bad crash led to revelations of his infidelity to his then wife UN Nordegren woods lost major corporate sponsorships and eventually. Went to rehab and deeply sorry. From my irresponsible. And selfish behavior I engaged enough then an improbable comeback in 2019 when woods won his fifth masters. Or. A. A recent HBO documentary he tells the arc of what's life from his appearances on TV at a young gauge. To the deep personal struggles he faced. And got clean. He got healthy. This is the combat all combat. As for Tuesday's crash this year and LA says there was no sign that woods was impaired. This year added it appears that vehicle may have been speeding in investigators say they'll look into whether woods was on the phone was otherwise distracted. Coming up in just a few minutes we'll talk to your doctor about Tiger Woods' injuries and what his recovery may be like.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Surgeons operated on his right leg and ankle after yesterday’s car crash in California. ABC’s Kenneth Moton has the new details. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76083183","title":"Tiger Woods ‘awake, responsive and recovering’","url":"/WNN/video/tiger-woods-awake-responsive-recovering-76083183"}