Tim Laird's Mexican Fiesta

America's Chief Entertaining Officer shares gourmet food and drink ideas for your next fiesta.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Tim Laird's Mexican Fiesta
If you're looking for a -- Mexican style fiesta you can get a real gourmet flair to -- -- -- America's chief entertaining officer. Author of the book that's entertaining returns to us this morning. The spice things Bob welcome back to always good to have you here great to be here Robin where this is exciting it's a Mexican fiesta -- they have been parties and this is a real nicely so this is not -- this is not a belated same. Yeah you're right exactly repetitive game tonight we like. And we get the female what do you know it's hot outside of -- lighten things up some -- Ingredients except but little better for you and good for it but it's Mexicans so we got to start off with a few of course right that do you -- have found this one this is opening the door. Did he -- the number one tequila Mexico is all they know meticulous in his that a lot of -- have -- -- itself. In mind mixing jar -- -- What a little bit like three slices of cucumbers and and and diced up of that and I called his -- cucumbers match so that box nuances of the tequila goes in there and -- -- model that's up a little bit just to get the flavor of the Q cover -- and receivables management first week I have little doubt they'd after what you can find itself all the stores usually popular the other -- is absolutely about three quarters -- of that goes it. And in the Jews of what life which is about an hour and a half that -- then we'll give us a nice little -- With my eyes and it -- gonna happen thanks to assert that -- -- head off followed. Out cucumbers costs I was -- was always think in the -- what did you Cumberland and turned into a cocktail holder that so there is really. That goes in. Very nice. Quite refreshing Robin you gotta work -- I left the tequila out of your. Anyway let's go look anywhere you are this is a first for me tell -- your work. Call absolutely really good to my -- -- -- rewrite of the defense programs out all. Movement that is really kind of way to kick off your fiesta right there create Obama pulled all -- my academic -- yeah. -- did -- say about -- -- incredible appetite or get a light refreshing. I have -- ground Turkey that I've actually cooked off 99%. That freak and a little bit of Ronald rice goes in a little -- -- -- -- -- Take that the other -- and a little. All of whom you have -- in the 1135400. For about forty minutes done but little guy colossal absolutely not a lot of just for a healthy life. -- -- -- This corn salsa is delicious you can actually uses as a side dish or actually wood chips and here's how easy to make it basically we'll olive oil those in two tablespoons of that. Two tablespoons of a tequila because it is the -- that tequila and I'm glad that I like it. Both fresh lime juice about two tablespoons of that little bit more of my sweetener to table -- to -- gotten -- Maybe a little bit garlic if you like that salt and pepper that's done. -- -- -- This goes into what could corn which I actually added a little bit of fresh diced red bell pepper guys doesn't -- that it possibly be put some slots are down. And that's what it looks like here's your finish does -- day results are you listening clicked quick easy life for fresh and he gives gives gives the courts of optimism here at -- and and -- I set out of the heat -- station again not quite healthy so he did a little bit of grilled chicken breasts right here beautiful and little Mexican seasons on top of that. Fresh veggies. A whole weeks they'll wraps that goes -- the -- -- kind of good for Andy over here and fat free yogurt instead suffering. All right desert this is a fun easy great -- -- -- -- -- these are delicious I'll flower took CF. And what I do as a little bit of apple pie -- -- on the top okay beautiful that -- these guys up. This goes on a cookie sheet into the oven. 31520. Minutes they come out we'll -- cinnamon sugar on top -- karma -- -- -- -- and you cut -- half and then only a hundred calories resolves patent. Thank you were once we start and then with a -- absolutely this is the number one drink. In Mexico it's called the Paloma. And it's tequila. A little bit a pinch of salt. A fresh mind and then -- grapefruit soda again we wanted to keep it fresh -- -- used a little prospect calorie free so cheers although the number one drink in Mexico with tequila. A salute to -- -- who. I did almost -- -- we haven't. I don't I don't -- says -- -- About like dedicated here to -- that's right so integrate as always thank you so much solace you trade everybody. That you would get -- final these recipes are FaceBook fan page just check out W -- and bad -- dot com.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"America's Chief Entertaining Officer shares gourmet food and drink ideas for your next fiesta.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"17168893","title":"Tim Laird's Mexican Fiesta","url":"/WNN/video/tim-laird-mexican-fiesta-17168893"}