Tim Laird’s top Christmas recipes

America’s CEO (chief entertaining officer) speaks with ABC’s Will Ganss to share festive ideas to spruce up your holiday spread this season.
3:49 | 12/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tim Laird’s top Christmas recipes
An agent Barry Christmas I know the holidays but very different this year to let the refugee burden. Two people or four people or however many people who deserve a little bit of a tree. Come the holiday season right. Absolutely and will. We always talk about making it easy there's an us pressure going on over the holidays all I have is some fun. Drinks and appetizers that are simple simple easy dedicated to this spirited occasions. What can start with a couple of fund cocktails by the way I was watching. That country music awards and ABC. And Florida Georgia line sing a song and and that the song they said I've got old camp in my egg nog. And media cocktail guys look at the homeowner that ends so I went online and found out that they actually to a rare eight of this whiskey called all came out. And Phoenix each and be calm and I thought oh my guys that would be good to act not so I did give the tribe and just add a little whipped cream. Little nothing sprinkle the idea cinnamon stick to make it bested and now you got your old camp. In your eggnog just like the song I'd love experiment it's like but what let me take that each. And become accord civic and make up one cocktail so really easy outs and a half my old camp. He took the puck and featured a con is so delicious it's a nice combination. Goes into classifieds. To dec two ounces of cranberry juice. Squeezed. Civil line you need a lineman there just futile citrus and then I tough but with a little but a club soda. So that's it and then for a fun festive garnish. I have this Rosemary spear. With cranberries and here is your festive garnish to go with my red sleigh cocktail. Locals flavors of the featured content cranberry come together it's perfect. They're now her even the appetizer. This is my baked in. Three bites and what I love about this you can biodiesel below shelves and that put a little bit of breach he's a moon in the center and then I make this. Bacon for con. Mixed with a little bit of maple syrup baked it. And you have this beautiful. Bacon brief fight such column. NN this looks at media cannot be I got seconds to get this year Columbus pomegranate Christine he's simply take a baguette slice it. Post them up and up a little bit of goat cheese on the spot I'm in the late sprinkle it with pomegranate seeds and chopped up let's actually owes its ships. I love the idea he's Christie is now. Not only to be delicious that they'd look best city got a little read a little green. It is that I finally drizzle with a little honey you get a little sweet kid tonight and it Nagy got but that partners of the goat cheese it's her. This is Mike. Bread pudding what they kick its actually this secret is two things one I took that whiskey and so place. Raisins in it. So then that gets baked into the custard to make the bread pudding and then windows bread pudding comes out. You care sit with forks. In an ad this. Whiskey sauce which is. Butter cream sugar and little bit of that whiskey and make use so call those up. And I make an animal park grades so individual serving a little part today with a little whipped cream in the center. And these are the guided or they'll lift yes. Think he's alleged hit half. Happy holidays teach you and your Stanley. For all of today's recipes and more information you can head to our website W and danced dot com here's my friend cheers Barry Christmas. The very best of the.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"America’s CEO (chief entertaining officer) speaks with ABC’s Will Ganss to share festive ideas to spruce up your holiday spread this season. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74893755","title":"Tim Laird’s top Christmas recipes","url":"/WNN/video/tim-lairds-top-christmas-recipes-74893755"}