Tom Cruise Getting Preferential Treatment?

Scientologists are angered that Tom Cruise isn't shunning Suri for leaving the church.
3:00 | 10/02/12

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Transcript for Tom Cruise Getting Preferential Treatment?
Welcome back everybody wealthy church of Scientology's and Scientologist served. Little upset with Tom Cruise get -- say that he's getting preferential treatment within the church according to the church once. Kim and number or a spouse has left handed -- to psychology which Katie Holmes and her daughter haven't may have returned to the Catholic Church. They're supposed to -- them. Legally yes which I find a little bizarre. Is that he wouldn't be allowed into -- or maintain communication with Kate your Surrey. Because they're no longer in the church of Scientology's. Former Scientologist next president. The celebrity senator says that they've already bend the rules for -- and he hasn't actually. It's been seen in public with his daughter. In over seven weeks as some people are certain speculate as he started -- -- is he adhering to the new roles are hot button but and keep. -- his -- -- and we just off shooting movies this is something that was very normal for him to do before explaining what happened I hate to think that he would. -- the religion over his daughter and that it seems kind of crazy. Also -- -- cold -- sat down Oprah Winfrey she does sensors show you know Oprah's next chapter kind of a very. Somber interview I didn't -- lovers show I -- -- into the personal details about his. His operating here he at the age of ten years old lost his father in two older Brothers and they all died in a plane crash in North Carolina back. In 1974. He goes on until -- -- -- -- So we've got to college -- a college freshman lost fifteen pounds. That year and this -- just because you that the timing was just ten years old when this happens and -- with a two years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And his new book coming out what's the reason he gave the interview but -- very different side colder than the guy right there that we're used to seeing every night so -- just investigating interview with him just set out in the book the serious side and then a big fan of tennis even though he's made fun of the several times. Anyway. Yes made him. Now ordinarily you which stories that -- yes -- really didn't -- it stars little recap if you didn't get a chance to watch it last night here's basically. What happened Ngo and I'm married and -- -- as a -- -- there hammering things higher scores of the evening. As well as Sabrina Bryan and the moving van -- -- from the lows in order of appearance. Hot QC Alley and Nash not so good at Bristol Palin who -- to redneck woman alive would Mark Ballas. So what can happen when there's going to be eliminated each week to the finals of the dancer with the lowest scores -- for judges of your votes are fine. There will be voted off to night Shawn Johnson and your also doing well I. Following the -- follow along very closely nothing left flowers and so I I I watched a little bit of that before we watch them. Heck they -- that -- -- -- Okay Paris Jackson Michael Jackson's beautiful -- -- -- interest in picture. And trying to figure out what exactly means seem fairly got a very. Drastic haircut that is -- very heavy eye make up and shorter hair. And based upon tweets we've heard kind of debating whether she donate your hair perhaps you know cancer charity or someone like that. Or whether it was all the way in this kind of should Buena -- we're trying to make headlines and of course it looks a lot like. Miley Cyrus who legitimately just chopped off a lot of her hair as you see there's a -- is trying to figure out -- what's going on with. Harris these days was a publicity thing and she donated what's going on but we'll hard to tell you don't get -- he -- to do that. Identical -- that did not change you may not even notice it -- nothing less sexy.

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{"id":17373126,"title":"Tom Cruise Getting Preferential Treatment?","duration":"3:00","description":"Scientologists are angered that Tom Cruise isn't shunning Suri for leaving the church. ","url":"/WNN/video/tom-cruise-preferential-treatment-17373126","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}