Tom Cruise Is a Victim of 'Swatting'

First responders surrounded Tom Cruise's home after a fake emergency was called in.
3:30 | 01/18/13

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Transcript for Tom Cruise Is a Victim of 'Swatting'
Yes familiar with swatting US -- has yet today if you don't really. It's this idea we make a prank phone calls terrible idea -- try to get as many cops firemen emergency personnel to show up for something that's not true it's called swat it -- in swat teams. Tom -- this house the latest target. -- and areas. The call came in on Thursday to Beverly hills police surrounded the actor's home just before noon in response to an emergency call. And it turned out to be swatting hopes they had reports of unarmed robbery was in progress and they surrounded his home. But no emergency was discovered and no one was in the home at the time and so all's well that ends well but some recent swatting incidents besides -- Tom Cruise one. At the homes of Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber and those who were linked to a twelve year old. Southern California boy who was arrested a twelve year old a twelve year old is in the scripture and beaver -- incidents -- No no word on who's responsible for Tom Cruise ones with the galaxy it's a trendy thing I'm. Fortunately and it's a costly thing too because it takes that emergency personnel away from situations that they should be responding to Iraq's. OK so switching gears something that all of you gentlemen out there will appreciate -- 100 hottest women of the century according to GQ there. Hottest. Young Elvis and yes the -- there she is we miss it beyond saying. Well below severe a tossup hey we're getting from remark on his cell number one of the century number of -- and yes DP's top sexiest woman and that she is on the cover of -- -- -- is going to -- -- Tuesday but. -- anything you actually some pretty interesting thinks about -- this out of this interview we know that in two weeks. She's going to be performing at the super ball she's also been approved. Premiere at HBO documentary which is like -- visual autobiography. In which. It she says some pretty decent beach says stop pretending to have it all together I'm scared he's scared -- at least at the bottom. I need to listen to go. But to go listen to a lot to me and make love to my husband says she says that in the interview and also has for what inspires. For the -- of the delicious she says. It was funny but -- came from people saying and I had gained weight and -- like -- a southern woman in this his house other women are so. It's it isn't pretty fascinating things coming out into Enrico via and this article as well as -- Buyers -- those few hot photos as well we saw them so yes it happened but you're only -- -- for the -- I am every minute pure content days ago. Let's don't -- Britney Spears she's involved in a bidding war to have a Vegas I'm show but a hotel getting money obviously and Celine Dion and that 100 million dollars to all of us contract before met in Vegas will apparently now. There's real battle going on she's in talks with -- -- own nightly show. And now other hotels reportedly getting involved in this bidding war. And she could really stand clear clean up on the street and make more than a hundred million dollars according to the news that's pretty pretty that -- left expect about a way suggestion that Clinton making a new album as well so she's she's hot again. Sexy miss performing -- can't -- any real quick if you thought of one person that could play the -- to a legendary coach Joseph Paterno would be. Out she's right that the set to star. As Joseph Paterno and a movie tentatively titled the happy valley you know. There's no starter release dates given for the film and the plot remains under wraps but how about that can be based and Joseph -- -- he's the best seller. Turnout is going to be yes.

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{"id":18246231,"title":"Tom Cruise Is a Victim of 'Swatting'","duration":"3:30","description":"First responders surrounded Tom Cruise's home after a fake emergency was called in.","url":"/WNN/video/tom-cruise-victim-swatting-18246231","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}