Tom Cruise's Next Act

Does the actor have plans to leave the Church of Scientology?
3:00 | 10/15/12

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Transcript for Tom Cruise's Next Act
Welcome back everybody this could potentially be some pretty big news for so many years now Tom Cruise has kind of been. Poster boy for the church of Scientology's but there's a new report coming out -- Star Magazine. -- -- stands on Friday saying he could be pondering leaving the church and you getting out altogether according to an insider we don't know how that goes Tom has not admitted that he's definitely makes a hero he's not admitting he's definitely -- Scientology's for good but he's distanced himself from those in the church and has been hanging out with good friends who were not. Part of the religion is saying he's kind of being you -- you know introspect -- hear about how religion has affected your relationships with ex -- Katie Holmes and Nicole -- as well as an ex girlfriend. Penelope Cruz also more -- here how the religion could affect his relationship with his young daughter. -- sorry here's who's coming going over -- wondering industry according to sources against our. Magazine couldn't possibly be time to leave the church of Scientology's so maybe he's. Gonna split we don't know again preliminary reports but -- -- if he would do that meant so much part of his. Persona and identity for so so long now but basically if he stays in -- religion and there are asking him to turn his back on his daughter because -- because there are no longer part of the -- that stands -- going to be a deal -- minister. Yeah. -- one of Hollywood's or maybe wish to say Australia's couples power couple superhero. And his wife also Australian native. -- -- -- -- Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and they are separating after nine years of marriage they had two sons -- eight year old and a six year old. He met Danielle Spencer on sat 22 years ago the -- of the film the crossing she was a musician he proposed third 2002. They had a nice quiet wedding and their children still attend school in Sydney they have remained in Australia from on time but again this is according to the Sydney Morning Herald that. A soprano and his wife -- Spencer have separated after nine years of marriage we're showing you may -- because he used to date her along time ago. And any Russell -- you have hot commodity Hollywood option -- welcome news to some of the ladies out there they like the gladiator -- -- -- -- Also this -- using as a member of the salaam peace a couple that crashed it will famously crashed after admitting in -- -- -- a White House state dinner we told -- few months ago that the woman. Mikhailov -- -- name right left her husband -- they got divorced. Officially back in August because she decided to run away. With the the guitarist from journey -- Sean well guess what apparently a couple days ago. He brought her up on stage at a concert and popped the question that you are now. -- engage in apparently he got her an eleven and a half carat diamond -- And she and her ex husband Harry apparently signed a fifty million dollar he against her filed a fifty million dollar personal injury lawsuit against terror which has since been dismissed but all that's -- under the water caught up on -- as she was -- like -- little girl jumped on the ground helped up and down obviously said yes and now the two were -- so she left a man for the for the rocker and now the rocker has proposed and given her a big rock. For that finger. That's a lot he's America's. Favorite couple. Please that reality show up. Please dear dad while hotel and added that reality show and when -- -- -- little too -- -- Aaron has leaked. We're not gonna save sex tape just because we're being very general thank you but that he trying to figure out who leaked this tapes of he has called -- the big -- -- called me at BMI to track down the person who leaked his. Will that make it fun times good and she's close to meet with -- on Monday he tried to work with the local authorities but they could do anything because it happened in 2006 and then made cross state lines out FBI's. Go after those suckers man. And Hulk Hogan Hulk -- -- coming. The --

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{"id":17479625,"title":"Tom Cruise's Next Act","duration":"3:00","description":"Does the actor have plans to leave the Church of Scientology?","url":"/WNN/video/tom-cruises-next-act-17479625","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}