Tony Scott, Director of 'Top Gun,' Dead in Apparent Suicide

The filmmaker reportedly jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles.
3:00 | 08/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tony Scott, Director of 'Top Gun,' Dead in Apparent Suicide
And welcome back and we -- began -- -- tragic note the director of top gun and several other movies you've probably seen or heard about Crimson Tide man on fire. Beverly Hills cop two days of thunder Tony Scott took his own life. In San Pedro according to the daily breeze he -- defense. On the south side of the -- -- a -- and jumped off without hesitation around 12:30 PM on Sunday. -- newspaper reported he left a suicide note inside his black Toyota Prius which was parked and the bridges eastbound lanes again this happened. And San Pedro California and in that one of our producers Jack she and had something to say about him he was a founding member of member of -- films which is Ridley -- associates along with his brother and they were premier sponsor for the fireflies tour which reached can't raise tons of money rather for leukemia research but again Tony Scott taking his own life sadly. Com -- Sunday afternoon at -- California. -- talk about NBC they appear to be still and damage control about the quipped that won't go away we're talking about the Al corporate route one of us on the bus quipped that came out last. We can just set it up if you didn't see it real quick. Matt flowers on the broadcast referring to an Olympic growing tradition and Al Roker weighed in with that tradition of his own it seemed like a veiled reference. And Kerry get and taken off the -- take a -- Tradition here in New York -- you throw -- in the Hudson River. Yeah. -- congratulate -- it's great to see it here in New York. Different in the art tradition which is -- problem was on the body. This 00 goods. You mr. brokers really didn't think about what about and -- it certainly sounds very tough plausible but according to NBC spokeswoman Megan -- She insists. That there that had nothing to -- with -- she said a statement noting that the phrase -- frequently used around the -- with some -- -- they're not going to begin the process frequently -- tapes -- -- -- -- age they check tapes and found expression -- under the -- was -- 27 times -- in the last two years and he -- clearly concerned about all this fall -- and in another not so pleasant. Reference to this apparently there's been a backlash against Matt Lauer at least according to radar online dot com let me read you a quote. Apparently. Some of the producers of The Today Show according to radar online dot com. Hate Matt Lauer and this is a quote there are several producers that have been with The Today Show for very long time over ten years and -- flowers now they buy them because they feel. He's responsible for Ann -- is being fired. -- on the other hand has been known to act like a real -- that's. Among the quote so stay tuned on this one. All of us are dysfunctional all of us networks -- this dysfunction and I'll admit -- you guys out there had even the slightest clue yes. But I Hope Solo who is to -- goalie for -- US women's national team the gold medal team. She's making some pretty egregious claims and her new book called -- -- -- hope she's making complaints against Max you know Max from Dancing With The Stars yes -- yes she's saying that he was physically and verbally aggressive during rehearsals. For season thirteen she says he was often nasty swearing at me and dean harshly critical he manhandled me. And she said at one point he left a red hand print -- her stomach because he smacked her so. Cards or wasn't tough love he says those comments are ridiculous yes he does basically at Twitter at -- he alluded to that.

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{"id":17040392,"title":"Tony Scott, Director of 'Top Gun,' Dead in Apparent Suicide","duration":"3:00","description":"The filmmaker reportedly jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles.","url":"/WNN/video/tony-scott-director-top-gun-dead-apparent-suicide-17040392","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}