Top Christmas Toys for This Year

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off what the hot gifts will be this coming December.
3:00 | 08/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Top Christmas Toys for This Year
As we all know it's just the middle summer these days of this will probably be our first holiday shopping feature of the year but argue is -- -- DeBartolo. Once of course to stay ahead of the curve and shows us what you will be shopping for both for you know you hear the Christmas spirit -- Yeah I am -- you know what is in June and July manufacturing show what they hope will be hot. For the holidays because the slick magazines have to get their gift guides together. In August and September is bad enough we have back to school special going on now by July -- and now. Have great credit for Christmas and -- over the next month all due back to school but now I'm doing -- very kind -- good stuff okay. Bloody animal I think it's got to be very big for the holidays kids -- gonna love this and -- little. You plug -- -- -- -- the Hedrick. Then who believes he will move to the -- decision. So that is what -- caffeinated that the Connecticut that get it right Anderson there are four different -- -- of today at -- fit our and I got it's going to be about 25 blocks that these aren't out till it's late September through October kids will end of the month that I think the kids think -- will. Electronics why not let them build something electronic -- little kid that can't put together and it only cost twenty blocks -- -- -- They make their own little. Amplifier system. I really do all the wires -- stripped all the compartments and naturally -- -- 120 books and -- -- actually get the buildings which helped send me don't have a good thing he did you know bill somewhat throne and -- -- this secret witness speakers go and all that. Very nice but this is called -- -- from Scotia so this little guy can go on your adults but what's neat about this it is -- the USB dongle. Now this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yet you're carrying the whole cable in this little. It's a small -- a small most people's TJ yeah. Well it's -- books and then this is the iPod version. In them. Not a very fast practical like that to yeah you have a week everyone has the state charges didn't -- -- well today -- that helped -- -- saying this is brand new still going higher and now of this delicate act TV summoned a turnaround you can see. So these are all the inputs from your cable -- then. -- this -- to the Internet. Then you get your act you go too much at my TV OK and you watch your cable box at home. No matter where you war. Really is -- on tape and agreed to join time I can book this site and -- -- -- -- on -- six -- employee. This morning to San Francisco and I get there I can watch world news now. As always do every morning I do think you're an act and recorded and watch it again and again -- you live now are we took that shot at the -- -- -- -- -- showing 349. Okay okay. -- -- Glasses. So they look like ordinary -- HD 1080. No matter where you look -- feel me. Really so you you -- you can you can media companies that's our home and as you're watching world news now -- -- -- the as well -- airlines jet on your phone and as a that I and then you put the glasses to a computer. And you watched whatever you recorded at about 350 so there's little pricey Brett -- tackle already in these I love service selling your time yes -- -- summoned now see what a -- if you think getting freeze and as you go to work. And -- hit on an and you hit -- immediately is a hundred degrees. High as a 110 nice in your boots so they're telling the car -- and warms up to -- for your feet not just -- you could -- on this too if you wanted to. There -- -- into the night this is very cold LK don't want to get this little guy over here this is called boost and I'm just -- news thought the music began a series. It's called near field audio. -- -- -- -- You've got no wires no -- that you just put it on there. Real audio that's great forty -- -- and you can look at for discounts it'll probably be down around third very nice gadgets you as well as you are the best keep your feet warm here Ted Danson good stuff here on the Smart enough.

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{"id":17046987,"title":"Top Christmas Toys for This Year ","duration":"3:00","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off what the hot gifts will be this coming December.","url":"/WNN/video/top-christmas-toys-year-17046987","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}