Top Gadgets for Back to School

Dick DeBartolo shows off the hot gadgets for the upcoming school year.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Transcript for Top Gadgets for Back to School
Retailers are really cash and -- this time of year course because of back to school shopping and students are. Incredibly tech savvy that's actually an understatement so are given his -- -- -- is here with some of the best gadgets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah some hair extension I'll check in this -- This is very clever this is actually called undercover tablets -- the -- and what it is is a way to carry your tablet. On the subway a any place that you think that someone might be eyeballing it. If you carrying it emits is water resistant you can write on and -- kept him. So it's a good way to his ball hit the street on this on -- This is phenomenal now inside just to let you know he -- -- Bow wow wouldn't that come from southern your cab -- they're like happy and I don't -- I would put it with a feather in the cap if you happen to this. From I safe OK so look -- child's backpack. It's called the audience there are some Ellie who lights down here on -- turned around to the front. And what this is is DIC has a built in all long safety along system. If the child feels threatened on the way to school -- or in a dangerous area. They pulled down on this and that act. Activate steel long it's loud there have been some car along so we're not -- doing here. And to stick its face -- the sides and it won't get some attention and then the blinking red LEDs will go off. This -- -- -- fifty dollars and I think makes big ones for big a laptop this is fabulous I wanna get one of these from my candidacy grade I don't think -- okay footnote the lion of age. Notebooks so this is -- good this is a fourteen inch widescreen anti glare. Anti glare coating. This is the I five -- they make a higher processor and a low Bluetooth Wi-Fi. USB three point oh which is the newest. And this is really need right now. -- -- bring up -- won't believe this. A fingerprint reader. So if you're afraid that you're really can't get quote second -- in second in every neighborhood and say well you know when I first TD when you first printed on it's gonna say I did not register my fingerprint. So -- OK so that way. A hacker can not hacking couldn't accurately love it. The big run down a -- with like 500 dollar OK nice to do what's neat about this is a -- did appear in trying to -- -- So this is brand new drama -- on wrapped up. Com it's the galaxy note ten point one started for 99 the first tablet. That can do to separate tests on one screen a task with an at and -- task. Within so you can't be right you we've signed -- name earliest you can use I think you can doodle on the screen if you want. And I downloaded some video world news now to show you that -- can do two things at one time. Dual cameras front and back on board memory my obviously not left -- attack. But -- -- memory cards he can add memory and just the touch over. One count how many and you could also hide it within your -- Update your homemade. I -- I am not because I don't trust anybody on the stand nor should pop up. Ditto courtesy here -- this is -- the little guy for Samsung is the galaxy. S three and this is a beautiful screen it's it's cold super animal led. Screens and you can see down who's dancing waters and the reason that it's such a big sell. It is it's fun it's available on all the carriers -- -- so that is really good and also something kids will love esteem. If you -- your friends have the same phone he put the -- back to back. I'm can transfer info real quick -- that the federal government from blowing right -- exactly so this guy goes into the dorm room -- of the show through here and now you have three outlets and you have a way to charge you know I taught in an iPhone whatever you USB -- I love it. Thank you don't like what the plan he is -- -- deep and -- I always find all of his information on your web site which is his way is big -- is dot. -- is all watched me on Twitter dot TV for you can go to UW and fans that have more details thanks for watching every.

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{"id":17055183,"title":"Top Gadgets for Back to School","duration":"3:00","description":"Dick DeBartolo shows off the hot gadgets for the upcoming school year.","url":"/WNN/video/top-gadgets-back-school-17055183","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}