Toy Mom on Great Gifts and Baby Products

Our toy insider shows off some of the new baby toys and products on the market.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Toy Mom on Great Gifts and Baby Products
Welcome back everybody there -- some really amazing new products new toy that there for your baby and your time gathered Saturday talents all about it but our toy insider -- -- -- -- it's always wonderful. Happy here in students -- today awareness start with our. -- its hegemony the end you're headed and why another baby -- Habitat smells like the beat -- come to the adoption papers past -- you and agree -- -- eat your green -- -- -- -- is a great gift for siblings so that they didn't say my hair -- -- now of course one of the biggest investment -- gonna make is in the stroller. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Broadway by JJ call. Big basket at the bottom. Adjustable arms and easy to bassinet nicely I can just turn mr. grant so they can face either way and turn -- into. My regular stroke. I just let this because he comes out their straps at the bottom awesome. This is a memory foam liner with a stroller washing machine lots of our back on and -- -- Bestselling we are always slipping down -- -- and -- -- -- little and company and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- standing music school so we started out without the legs and babysitting as they get out as they're standing and walking. So couple of activities. Different notes learning and music and -- English mathematics. CC at eight back and this is great what I found -- like -- Had an off button and it has buttons that I -- you really that I expect. This has enough buttons -- -- it that's not to -- -- this is the watch over me eat Easton at their fight blue box. I'm really great -- -- my. These sleep system for babies of the but the babies sleep would turn -- on it's gonna go through a whole series of lights and music. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What will happen in this this will go back on. Music white will die down and -- baby back to sleep and hopefully not in doubt get to sleep the night and this is -- and says -- -- quick little investment yet three dollar and 99 and get healthy. We know they kitchen wash their hands it's a tough thing to get -- to deal. This will play for twenty seconds -- is how long the child to be washing their hands and it's not. So just accept and -- fighting back and that now this is that this is probably -- -- about -- back to our heat plus eighty -- system. It's really cool for one thing regularly monitor you -- in the baby's room into an -- house you can see and hear the baby on the hands out. Go to work. -- on on the Internet. You can see the baby really but here's what's really cool now you can download the free app on any device so let's see military -- grandparents living somewhere else. We're just you're on the train. The once your phone onto the half -- I really can't you can check in and a baby if you check you know where they eat any air and oral route that is Italy -- that race. Right now -- -- the journey and this is the ultimate portable crib but you're going to grandma's soccer field your own backyard. This is -- That's how quit the senate that's no way you -- and that's only. I can't get them -- to the perfect isn't -- that just goes right into neat. This can't get in here comes out machine watchable you take it anywhere people that just is currently at my act and this is our -- Could not -- -- -- -- -- -- We have lights and sound so when they're crawling they're playing at the bottom when -- older they're playing on top it. Lots of time into it -- active in the complaint outside -- that that is beautiful and you -- -- this take -- Yeah it's not how I. Thank you this is a wonderful and just for posterity -- -- Yeah. That's right -- thanks Hillary -- she is the toy insider mom. For coming and thanks and it's a happy you know it -- Love him.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":17487467,"title":"Toy Mom on Great Gifts and Baby Products","duration":"3:00","description":"Our toy insider shows off some of the new baby toys and products on the market.","url":"/WNN/video/toy-mom-great-gifts-baby-products-17487467","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}